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Foucault’s Disciplinary Society and Examples

Today’s society is developed using practices that follow predefined protocols. Professionals follow procedures required for implementing assigned roles and responsibilities. People enhance social interactions by maintaining varying norms as are necessary for a progressive relationship (Segre, 2014). Besides, leaders also ensure strict adherence to regulations that govern the economic and political activities (Schram & Pavlovskaya, 2017). It is vital to recognize that modern societies are described with technological innovation. The invention of digital technology has improved information awareness of seeking public services by following predefined procedures. Consequently, I agree that Foucault’s perception of a disciplinary society is valid as it guides and controls individuals’ social, political, and economic activities.

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Moreover, both academic and professional efforts are guided by rules that determine achievement levels. For instance, intelligent students attend school regularly to ensure sufficient knowledge necessary for attaining high grades. These individuals are expected to undertake several assessments and final examinations to prove their intellectual competence (Segre, 2014). Similarly, professionals should follow organizational guidelines that enhance profitability (Schram & Pavlovskaya, 2017). Failure to adhere to outlined guidelines results in disciplinary action, which can include dismissal. As a result, both students and professionals are expected to ensure high grades and career success.

Foucault’s argument of a disciplined society depicts imminent phenomena in contemporary communities. Conservative individuals ensure strict adherence to social norms which affect their social relationship. Strict protocols such as dressing decently, time management, and conflict management are instrumental in maintaining a given society’s disciplinary standards. However, there are instances when people overlook the controls and engage in indiscipline, such as participating in social crimes. Actions against such behavior entail the adoption of procedures that ensure control and adherence to outlined protocols. Most importantly, rules are essential in ensuring social order and discipline among public members.


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