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‘Further Along the Road Less Travelled’ by Scott Peck

The book ‘Further Along the Road Less Travelled’ written by Scott Peck is considered to be a real masterpiece of world literature; the author managed to contribute to the disclosure of personal psychological and spiritual growth to be reached by everyone in life. It is necessary to underline the fact that the book is referred to the well-organized presentation of psychological adult maturation; Peck concentrates on the analysis of personal growth. (Peck, 1997).

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The book is perceived as a helpful psychological guide disclosing the most important life values, such as love, death, spiritual power, etc. It should be stressed that Peck demonstrated the way of humans growing into forgiveness rejecting the aspect of blame; he concentrates on the highlight of death meaning making people change their perception and vision on life. The author managed to create a psychologically structured set of lectures, through which he reflects the basic steps of good self-esteem development having omnipotence problems; besides, the author underlines religious motives and the way to find personal God. It is necessary to state that ‘Further Along the Road Less Travelled’ is considered to be a valuable contribution to the psychological and spiritual world’s understanding; the readers have an opportunity to come to self-realization and internal balance through sponging the central ideas expressed in the book. Besides, Peck touched on the problems of most modern families concerning separateness and togetherness; he expresses the principle ways for mutual understanding and harmony to be reached in every family life.

The book appeared to be the reflection of the most important themes of humanity connected with personal growth, self-esteem realization and spiritual image finding. (Peck, 1994)

Scott Peck developed a sophisticated guide to personal realization raising questionable issues and being the central cause for criticizing; it should be stressed that the author’s spiritual discussions of life elements are based on philosophical nature. Peck raised the problems of love, death meaning, and religious interactions.

The analysis of the work ‘Further Along the Road Less Travelled’ gave an opportunity to get the author’s vision and perception of death:

‘We cannot live with courage and confidence until we can have a relationship with our own death. Indeed, we cannot live fully unless there is something that we are willing to die for’. (Peck, 50)

People live in the environment of conflict with death because of self-destructive narcissism; Peck stresses the point that for us to avoid self-absorption, we should be more selfless and concentrate on the lives of surrounding people. The basic idea is focused on the problems coming from families in the very childhood; the narcissistic nature faced in adulthood is considered to be rooted in inappropriate development as a child. The author underlines the idea, that severe abuse should be the basic step for correct children upbringing; this method helps parents to make kids be focused not only on personal values, but appreciate those who live nearby. (Johnson, 2006)

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Peck touched on the interaction of such aspects as religion and addiction to material values; this part appeared to be criticized, because the author demonstrated the fact that drug addicts have stronger connection with spiritual power and with God. Nevertheless, Peck explains the destructive power of money, sex, and gambling, ruining a lot of modern families through their domination over natural feelings and love. Speaking of love, the author rejected the blind emotion feeling in the state of being in love; he concentrates on the commitments and actions which are necessary for being fully developed to live together and create a perfect family. His ‘love’ is built on constant work over self-growth; the process of family building is considered to be a complicated process requiring a lot of effort contributed to self-formation and ability to value others. (Levine, 2003)

It is necessary to stress that Peck raised the aspect of religious symbolism and cults; what is of great importance, the author managed to connect the development of cults’ characteristics with the growth of personality as a leader. (Picucci, 1998) It was found out that individuality and independence are to be given only to a true leader; others are referred to dependent group of people having no right to get the power, through its destructive nature.

The analysis of the book ‘Further Along the Road Less Travelled’ written by Scott Peck allowed seeing the balance between education, spirituality, and psychological development. It is necessary to stress that the author contributed not only to the disclosure of self-formation and religious realization, but to the sphere of business through the description of the key characteristics to be obtained by a strong individuality. The book can be perceived as the guide to self-development; Peck successfully highlighted all the steps to be followed in family formation, children upbringing and religious involvement. His vision of life and death was perceived as controversial through interaction of spiritual and material values; though he managed to depict the ways to a strong personality image living in love, harmony and mutual understanding.


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