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Gabrielle Douglas – An American Beauty


Globally, American beauty has been very exceptional. The American people define beauty. American’s normally accomplished greater things in diverse engagements. The exceptional accomplishments in areas such as TV shows, media, music, sports, and politics define beauty. Most importantly, great achievers in America are normally lauded by everyone. Evidently, some people extensively criticize American heroes whenever they underperform.

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This paper discusses Gabrielle Douglas, an American who recently became a famous person after her achievements in the Olympics. Initially, Gabrielle was underrated as an “underdog” in her sport. However, Gabrielle’s accomplishments in the Olympics made her an instant American beauty.


Gabrielle is a talented American woman. She is young and highly gifted in gymnastic sport. She has become America’s golden woman at a tender age. Douglas made history by becoming the only black woman globally to triumph in women’s gymnastics. Furthermore, Douglas became the fourth American to obtain gold in the sport. Evidently, the sportswoman lived a strange life in order to win the gold. In the 2012 Olympics, Douglas became an icon after her breathtaking performance. The media swarmed around her to expose the young woman to the world because of her immense depiction of American beauty.

During the period preceding her exceptional performance, Gabrielle was depicted by the media as a nonperformer. It is notable that many people criticized Douglas for underperforming in previous events. However, she received overwhelming love from her family and friends. The performance of the young woman in gymnastics was in part, because of her family’s love and hard work. Gabrielle Douglas had been extensively criticized and underrated before her current iconic status.

Indeed, detractors unfairly described her using diverse adjectives. Notably, people argued that Gabrielle is inexperienced, unpredictable, timid, not ready, unsteady, and unconfident among others. Preceding Gabrielle’s historic victory in gymnastics in the London Olympics, negative stories emerged from key media houses such as ESPN and the New York Times. Media statements or stories focusing on gymnastics featured Douglas negatively. Furthermore, she was unfairly and negatively compared with her teammates.

Gabrielle Douglas rose to fame after winning the all-rounded gymnastics alone. Furthermore, the sportswoman attained her greatest achievement in less than two years. However, her critics failed to appreciate the hard work. The critics gave Douglas no credit for posting outstanding scores in the balance beam; vault, irregular similar bars, and floor work out. Gabrielle’s haters also failed to appreciate her single black mother for positively mentoring her daughter.

In a recent television interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, the young Gabrielle admitted that she felt bullied, mistreated, and isolated at the time she began her career. The sportswoman appeared on Oprah’s show “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and admitted that she was isolated in training by her colleagues. Gabrielle argued that her white teammates treated her differently and unfairly. The criticism directed at Gabrielle also touched on insignificant aspects including her hairstyle.

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The American media commentators discussed her in bad faith. In a separate interview, Gabrielle concurred that she has an advantage over other people. She noted that being referred to as an “underdog” and black would not stop her from pursuing her dream sport. After her win, different commentators argued that they hoped her achievement would inspire other black women in the US sports history. Indeed, Gabrielle was lauded for showing calm and self-confidence. Indicatively, the words skillful, secure, heroic, and deserving rightfully describe Gabrielle for her contribution to the promotion of American beauty.

Douglas has contributed massively towards the advancement of American beauty. Presently, Americans are happy to associate with Gabriella. Indeed, several objective discussions about the superstar are ongoing in different media. The discussions are positive and inspiring. The American’s discussions about Gabrielle tend to depict her as a talented American. Most importantly, the discussions tend to expand American beauty, which is the passion of the American people.

In 2011, Gabrielle was part of the American gymnastic group that won gold in the “World Artistic Gymnastics Championships”. The competition was held in Tokyo, Japan. The sportswoman also won the 2012 Olympics trials gaining an opportunity to represent America in London. The world gymnastic champion depicts America’s beauty through her actual performance too. Gabrielle is lauded for her distinctive muscle, elasticity, body alignment, and shape. Gabrielle has been likened to Dawes Dominique who performed exceptionally well for America in 2000. This comparison enticed Gabrielle to the Americans. This is because Gabrielle reminded them of the beauty of America.

Gabrielle Douglas has already proved her detractors that she is a champion. She has raised her status from the “underdog” tag to become a super sportswoman. Indeed, her exceptional emergence to the world gymnastics arena and eventually winning the most esteemed silverware in just under two years is a notable accomplishment. Today, Gabrielle is an Olympian. Furthermore, her performance became the area under discussion in the media.

Most importantly, the media have shown extensive interest in covering stories about Gabrielle. The media attention will eventually raise her profile among other notable Americans. It is notable that people, activities, and events that define the American beauty become a household name in the US families. Gabrielle Douglas has already become America’s household name.

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