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Gang Violence and Urbanization

Urbanization in modern society is a widespread phenomenon faced not only by developing but also by developed countries. However, as more people move to cities, thereby expanding them, the urban crime rates rise (Ferreira, 2020). At the same time, criminals often unite in groups, thereby forming a severe threat to society. This paper aims to provide a literature review based on an article by Ferreira to identify the links between various elements of urban planning and gang violence.

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This article approaches the issue of urban violence in general, addressing the various factors that lead to this phenomenon. The text also discusses the issue of urbanization, which is incredibly chaotic and brings significant difficulties for young people with the destruction of the necessary socio-economic structures (Ferreira, 2020). The context of gang violence is referred to in the text as a particular case and a concrete example of urban violence since the former can only exist in the latter’s context.

Although the article takes a more general view of the existing problem without going into specific details, this approach has several positive aspects. Ferreira (2020) looks at the general principles of urban planning and policymaking, citing statistics on the movement of populations towards cities at the beginning of the 21st century. According to these data, in cases in which urbanization is carried out chaotically, without introducing any particular policies, the level of poverty and social inequality rises sharply. When people are segregated or targeted, urban violence can be overwhelming, while gangs are actively forming in cities (Ferreira, 2020). Despite the article providing data mainly for Central and South America, similar data are also valid for the United States due to the spread of racial inequality.

Thus, this article is a starting point for further research on the indicated issue. The text of the article links several critical factors – the growth of violence in cities, the factors that form gangs, and the need for strict reforms. Moreover, the author forms the idea that interdisciplinary reforms of existing policies are needed to combat this problem effectively, affecting the general state of affairs in cities and streamlining urbanization. In addition, it is necessary to develop methods for establishing peace and eliminating segregation, which is one of the main factors in the formation of urban and gang violence. Only by taking into account these points will society effectively reduce the amount of violence on the streets of cities.


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