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Generation Views in the Digital Age

Causing a deep chasm between parents and children, converting conversations between a parent and child into arguments and home into a warzone – “generation gap” is one that is experienced in almost all families. The generation gap is most visible in the differences between parents and children on lifestyle issues such as time management, setting up a family, and voting. My parents and I have our own different viewpoints on these issues, leading to everyday conflicts.

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Though my parents constantly try to adapt to changing times, it becomes difficult when the changes are huge. Living in an age of accelerated change it is not surprising that conflicts between parents and children are increasing day by day. Thesis: Conflicts that happen between me and my parents are mostly due to our differing viewpoints on lifestyle issues.

One of the major issues of conflict between me and my parents is the way I manage my time. My parents, who had worked hard to come up in life, feel that I should get up early, study in the early morning, go to school in a relaxed manner, and have a more disciplined life. As for me, I study mostly within the college library; work part-time at a cable company, play video games at home till late in the night and find it difficult to get up early in the morning. I just rush through my morning routines and as I am used to this fast-paced life, I do not see it as a lack of discipline. Rather I see it as multitasking and using time effectively.

Multitasking is also happening at another level in our generation as more and more youngsters, while busy choosing their career options are having children out of wedlock and choosing to live together without marriage. I find that my parents view these issues – having children without marriage and living together without marriage – with growing alarm and shock. I find it quite normal as I have friends who have made similar life choices living happily. Recent statistics show that nearly four-in-ten (36.8%) births in this country are to an unmarried woman and nearly half (47%) of adults in their 30s and 40s have spent a portion of their lives in a cohabiting relationship. My parents would have a tough time accepting this as part of changing times.

Another aspect of changing times is the way youngsters are approaching the whole business of politics and voting. My parents have always belonged to a particular party and irrespective of who stood in the elections they always voted for that party and did not search for information about the candidate.

But, today, with exhaustive media coverage, it is possible for me to have an opinion today that changes tomorrow with added knowledge. When I research the internet and read the blogs for the latest news regarding the candidates, they look very amused. Today’s digital age allows me to have loads of information that encourage me to have an opinion on many political issues.

Not only does the digital age allow me to have an opinion on political issues, but it also helps me understand the concept of the generation gap. Despite all the exposure, technological advantage and social changes generation gap continue to dominate most homes including mine. What matters ultimately is to accept these differences and try to broaden our own perception of life and lifestyle changes within our personal boundaries of thought. I have accepted the differences in the way my parents view life and my lifestyle. Though we differ on certain lifestyle issues, the fact that we deeply respect and accept the views of the other keeps us together in harmony.

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