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Generations’ Traits: From Baby Boomers to Gen Z

The social environment in the formative years of growth developed unequaled characters for each generation. The differences range from natural things like an age to beliefs regarding work, family values, roles, and aspirations. There is no commonly agreed on dates when each generation began but there are only estimates.

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Baby Boomers Generation

The baby boomers generation is estimated to have been born between “1946 and 1964…born after the Second World War and they are defined largely by work for has been an important part of their lives” (Carlson 6). They were devoted to hard work and preferred nuclear families. They are credited to have come up with the concept of ‘workaholic’ and ‘superwoman’. Optimism, loyalty, and ambitiousness are values that are highly esteemed in this generation.

Generation X

They were birthed between 1965 and 1979. Their parents were the hardworking baby boomers and as a result, this generation was brought up in daycare centers. Generation X is familiar with broken families through divorce or separation. In place of values, they developed behaviors of resilience and independence (Carlson 6). They do not view work as a priority and unlike their parents, they work to get meaning, and therefore, they are quick to switch employment in case of any dissatisfaction. They evaluate everything depending on what they have to gain thus can be said to be selfish. Generation X is however well educated with a large population owning certificates from tertiary institutions.

Generation Y

According to McCrindle, this generation was “born between 1980 and 1995 may be referred to as the millennium generation” (4). The constituents of this generation are more technologically aware and more comfortable with technical stuff. They contribute the highest portion of the present composition of the population today. They were brought up in a competitive environment where someone either won or lost. Generation Y is not loyal, but they are optimistic, sociable, and adhere to strong morals. The internet, speed, fashion, and style entail the qualities they hold dear. Finally, they are more flexible and change is constant to them (McCrindle 4).

Generation Z

The people born after 1995 are known as generation Z. Though not much is documented about this generation, the major thing is that they do not know life without the internet. They are not keen on building personal relationships with other people (McKay 19). Their main means of communication in the global village are made up of the internet. I fit in the generation Y. I was born in the years mentioned above. The only difference I have from my generation is that I am slow to do things and I would like to settle down instead of switching employment every other time.

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