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Glass Ceiling Barriers for Women in the Workplace


In the past decades, women have come from far since they have flown alone across the oceans, have been offered the mandate to vote, moreover, they have been nominated or elected as ministers and congress. Regardless of all these achievements or accomplishments, they have not yet obtained the acknowledgement they need in one of the most significant place which is the workplace. It is definitely true that women can compile great reports, file, make copies, give presentations and fax just like their counterpart men do. The devastating thing is that women are under-represented in the top management in many companies in several countries especially in the United States. Similarly, they are also earning less than men who are doing similar work as they do. The truth is that there are barriers that exist in the workplaces called glass ceiling that hinder women from moving to the upper-level of management. Glass ceiling is a term that is used to describe or refer to the challenges or barriers faced by women in their workplace hence, ceiling means that women are hindered from developing in their careers and glass shows that the ceiling is not visible or discernible at all times.

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In Walmart Company it is clear that the issues of glass ceiling are present. This is shown by the concept that one of their resolution shareholders requested the company management to say the steps it had implemented in trying to eliminate glass ceiling. In addition, the company had failed in the proposal and this was a setback but the shareholders concerned persist to promote equality for women in corporate leadership or management. Some of these barriers that block women from progressing with their careers include inadequate selection and recruitment practices and lack of chances to participate in making decisions. In the Walmart Company, glass ceiling is as strong as ever since the resolution obtained only 5.05 percent support meaning that it could not be resubmitted the following year. Due to glass ceiling, women are underrepresented in the top management or earners. Moreover, limited opportunities or chances and other social restrictions hinder women from pursuing well-paid careers actively.

In addition, according to the publication done by the Catalyst, a research and advisory organization, developing the responsibility of women in the workplace, shows that the upward movement of women is still hindered. Hence the concept of cracking the glass ceiling, which was an update of Catalyst, is progressing slowly though it falls considerably short of equality. This is because in the year 1996 women officers were represented by 10 percent while men by 89.1 percent. Come 1999, the number increased slightly to 11.9 percent for women who were corporate officers. In addition, for every dollar received by white men, white women receive or get 78 cents, 67 cents is earned by African-American women and 56 cents by Hispanic women.

The indiscernible obstacles persist, although they are no clear or explicit barriers hindering the minorities from obtaining advanced job placement or positions. This issue of glass ceiling exists in most of the companies especially in third world countries and it somehow cripples mostly the working women. The barriers hinder or block many productive women from securing and receiving the most prestigious, highest-grossing and powerful jobs in their place of work or any other workforce. This tends to make many women feel inferior and unworthy to hold these high ranking and prestigious positions. In addition, they feel and think that their bosses do not see as if they are serious or potential candidates to hold such positions.

There are several types of glass ceiling barriers in companies, which may be found existing in Walmart Company. They include; workplace policies that is not family friendly, exemption from official networks, preconceptions and stereotyping of the roles and abilities of women, lack of proper mentoring and failure of top management to consider the accountability of the advancement of women. In addition, ethnic, religious, sexual, racial harassment or discrimination in the workplace and different amount of money paid for similar work or job.

From a utilitarian perspective, glass ceiling hurts all the people especially women apart from the minorities. On the other hand, from a deontological standpoint, the practice goes against the freedoms provided by the rules and regulations or the constitution of many countries if not all. Therefore, from deontological and utilitarian considerations, these practices are not acceptable and they cripple many productive women. For instance, approximately 85 percent of the companies do not have any women among the highest earning officers.

Organizations that have employed women as part of the top management or leadership have a better representation in the workforce and are more competitive and productive. Glass ceiling is a serious or dangerous economic problem, which uses large financial toll in many businesses and also egregious rebuff of social integrity or justice, which affects almost two thirds of the people. There is need to employ and maintain the most excellent, flexible leaders and employees available at all levels of an institution or organization.

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In conclusion, in the shifting sensibilities and demographics of the innovative worldwide or global economy, for a lasting success and great productivity of organization in the world market, gender diversity at all levels of decision making is a requirement or prerequisite.

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