Global Urbanization: Term Definiton


It is not a secret that the global tendency of urbanization is taking place in the society of today. It is a worldwide tendency, which might be called the problem of today’s society and of the authorities of today. The global character of it requires the global answer, as like every tendency it has some unhealthy consequences, which are brought into the present society. The matter brought up today and being discussed by many scholars is what might be done today to change the situation with the urbanization, how the consequences already caused might be changed, what are the future perspective for the development of the humanity and the control over the tendency of urbanization. But it is a fact that today urbanization inevitably causes consequences in every nation, which are most often than not, ruining. But as every nation in general, America in particular should understand how they can cope with these consequences and how they can control the uncontrolled for now urbanization of their citizens. The changes in the society, which are the consequences to the global urbanization, might hasten the reaction of the authorities.

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The impact of the global urbanization on the American cities

First of all, the tendency impacts American cities, believe it or not. The high flow of people, who come to the cities is causing in the overcrowded streets, the arising feeling of alienation and depression. According to the statistics, the people, who live in the cities are much more unhappy, depressed and lonely than people, living in the rural areas. This might happen as the flow of people, seen every day makes one get so tired of being around people, that coming home he or she just relaxes and does not communicate with anyone. Yet, has no close friends to really talk to. Especially this is common for the so-called megalopolises. The whole life appears to be as fuss: to get up, go to work, come home, sleep. And it happens all over again and again, day in day out, week after week. This circulation is not a healthy environment for the people’s mental and physical state. Consequently, among all, the people living in the cities are more likely to have moods and both mental and physical illnesses. Moreover, the factors of the newly emerging realities of work in America are not satisfying. The tendency to move to cities causes the expand of industrial area and fading of agriculture. The total number of white-collar workers is much greater than the number of blue-collars. The white-collars tend to work in big corporations, being managed by the computers that sometimes make them think “is computer my boss?” What is more, the corporations are being acknowledged as a factor, which influences badly on the local markets, making the number of employers decrease and some local manufacturers close.

The impact of urbanization on the social class system

Then, the class system in America can not avoid this problem somehow. The raise of the population within cities makes the raise of the lower-paid jobs and the reduction of the high-paid ones. People, being made to work to earn their living have to work for less money. Consequently, the tendency brings to poverty. And poverty brings to the other evils, such as drugs addiction, crimes, alienation. These are some facts, being characteristic of the cities earlier. But today they are becoming as common principles, which go along with the word “city”. The class system gradually tends to become poorer and poorer and finally, it causes to the back reaction, where the people belonging to the upper-middle class have to move to the suburbs with the industry and the city centers are occupied wit drug-dealers, people, having the low income and their children, who are leaving schools to find a job. As it is stated in the book as “neighborhood distress”, the characteristics of which are high rates of poverty, joblessness, female-headed families, school dropouts (2008).

The new tendency for the resurgence of the middle class

Nevertheless, there are factors, which might lead to a better future, for example the resurgence of the middle class. This tendency is already being observed in the cities like Detroit (2008) but the most important is to further control the tendencies not to be launched in the global problem.


Consequently, the small tendency, which is taking place all over the world now, can be considered as a big or even global problem for both the society of today and the authorities. The consequences, which have been caused by this tendency are inevitable and sometimes irreversible. Still, something should be done to prevent the further development of the problem and to change the situation somehow. The ruining emerging problems might make the authorities to make the decisions. Firstly, the changes within the cities, which make people speak of the big cities as of the places, where crime, poverty, drug addiction and depression are predominating as the uncontrolled flow of people caused too much of a population in the cities. Moreover, the tendency of creating the low-paid vacant positions seems to be expanding. Then, the social class changes within the society, with the principal trend to gradually loose the houses and making more evils after it demand solutions. The changed might turn to good however, with the raising interest of the high-middle class to go back to the cities, which requires the close attention and control on the part of authorities to control the further urbanization of the population.


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