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The Great Gatsby: Chapters’ Review

Chapter 1: Nick Carraway decides to move from Minnesota to New York. He starts his story by mentioning that his father told him not to judge others because it leads to misunderstanding and wrong interpretations. According to Carraway’s description, Gatsby represents everything for which he had “an unaffected scorn” (Fitzgerald, 2004, p.4). To sum up, Gatsby seems to be an incarnation of a self-made man and the American dream.

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Chapter 2: Nick and Tom are on a train that connects West Egg and New York. The characters visit George Wilson whose wife is Tom’s lover. Tom, Nick, and Myrtle go back to New York City and spontaneously decide to organize a party. At the party, Catherine tells Nick all the legends related to Gatsby’s personality. Myrtle tries to tease Tom by chanting the name of Tom’s biggest crush, Daisy. As a result, she gets her nose broken.

Chapter 3: Nick receives an invitation to a luxurious party. At the party, Nick happens to hear even more gossips about Gatsby and his life. At midnight, Tom gives a formal speech. Nick notices that Tom names everyone “old sport”.

Chapter 4: Gatsby tells Nick some nonsense about his past: he is a son of a deceased couple from the Midwest. Jordan Baker tells Tom that Gatsby loves and blindly admires Daisy Buchanan who is married to another man, Tom. Gatsby asked Jordan to arrange the reunion. It seems to Nick that Gatsby’s fortune was not gained legally and honestly.

Chapter 5: Nick suddenly understands that Gatsby’s idealized perception of Daisy does not correspond to reality. The real Daisy is incredibly different from the idealized one.

Chapter 6: Tom gets a bit suspicious since Daisy visits Gatsby’s house alone. Tom visits Gatsby’s party. Nick reflects upon Gatsby’s desire to be with Daisy

Chapter 7: Nick, Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby are having lunch at East Egg. Gatsby sees Daisy’s child. Both Gatsby and Daisy cannot hide their love for each other. Myrtle is dead because Daisy driving Gatsby’s car.

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Chapter 8: Gatsby is found dead floating in his enormous pool.

Chapter 9: The chapter is the description of Gatsby’s funeral and meditations on the ugly sides of the American Dream.


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