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“Grizzly Man” by Werner Herzog


Films have become an essential type of art, allowing their creators to channel deep and relevant thoughts. Various motion pictures analyze particular social and psychological processes, making valuable contributions to humanity and its culture. Grizzly Man, a 2005 documentary, provides insight into the mind of a person who gradually lost his connection with reality and his life because of it. The purpose of this paper is to examine Grizzly Man in terms of its plot, socio-psychological aspects, and personal impact.

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The documentary, which serves as the area of interest in the context of the present study, was distributed in the year 2005 by Lions Gate Films. It was prepared by Werner Herzog, a German screenwriter, and director. The documentary shows the life of Timothy Treadwell, who spent thirteen years in the Katmai National Park and Reserve in Alaska, interacting with grizzly bears (Grizzly Man). Herzog included actual footage made by Treadwell into the film and several interviews with Timothy’s friends and relatives. The film explores the nature of Treadwell’s affection toward grizzly bears. He aspired to become a documentarian as well, which is why he filmed much of his time at the national park. Actual footage showing Treadwell’s interactions with grizzly bears is shown, accompanied by Herzog’s commentaries and interchanging with statements from a range of interviewees. Timothy speaks fondly of the animals, attempting to connect with them as if they were the same species.

Treadwell continued to grow closer with the animals, spending all summers in the Park, until the story reached its tragic climax in 2003. Despite his affection for bears, Timothy usually left Katmai by the end of summer. However, that year, he stayed in the Park until October, along with his girlfriend, Amie. In the end, the couple was mauled to death by a grizzly bear, despite thirteen years of alleged rapport with the animals. Experts explained that Treadwell made a fatal mistake by incorrectly evaluating bears’ behavior during summer and attempted to interact with them during the pre-hibernation period. A piece of footage with the sound of the final attack was reported to exist by Herzog but is not played due to its horrific content.

Socio-psychological aspects of the Film

As shown in the film, Treadwell attempted to provide reasonable explanations for his dangerous behavior. He claimed to be a wildlife enthusiast, protecting bears from poachers and other risks. Nevertheless, Katmai park rangers, being the unquestionable experts, reported zero poacher incidents in the area. From a sociological perspective, Treadwell appeared to struggle to find his place in his community. Living in society demands that each person should adhere to a particular set of universal values shared by those who are around them. Failing to adapt to the environment may lead to a sense of alienation, thus forcing the person to seek satisfaction outside of the described framework. In Treadwell’s case, wild nature became the preferred means of escapism, as he could live among bears according to the rules that suited him. It is possible that the man suffered from delusions, which gradually became stronger due to further alienation from his community. In other words, eventually, Treadwell convinced himself that he felt better among bears, and the feeling was mutual.

However, as the story presented in Grizzly Man suggests, Timothy’s behavior had not been appropriate. His family struggled to understand his choice, once the affection toward bears became evidently unhealthy. Driven by his obsessive ideas, Treadwell gradually separated himself from reality. While his intentions were undoubtedly good, considering the reports of his prior environmentally aware activities, Timothy did not manage to estimate the risks and choose the appropriate plan of action. Consequently, his initial success in building a rapport with bears made Treadwell believe that he needed to increase the efforts, which had him and his partner killed. Moreover, experts supposed that Timothy’s increased level of interaction with bears could be detrimental for the animals, as well. Indeed, grizzly bears, not being used to close contact with humans, could potentially change their lifestyle and frequently approach residential areas. Accordingly, risks were posed for the animals losing their innate patterns of behavior, as well as for people becoming potential targets of famished grizzly attacks.

Personal Impression and Conclusion

The film presented an exciting story, and the fact that it took place, in reality, enhances the experience. When watching the documentary, the amount of work, which Werner Herzog did, becomes obvious. The director managed to collect relevant evidence, as well as to involve direct witnesses of Treadwell’s gradual obsession. Furthermore, the use of Timothy’s footage from the Park was a splendid decision, which strengthened the documentary’s connection with reality. In a way, it is possible to relate to Treadwell partly, since his intentions seemed pure. Protecting wildlife is a matter of paramount importance, and aspiring to be environmentally aware is admirable. However, the choice of instrument was incorrect, entailing the deaths of Timothy and his partner. Therefore, while the overall idea was positive, the practical implementation must be equally considerate. Overall, Grizzly Man, directed by Werner Herzog, demonstrates the risks of social alienation instigated by personal delusions. Timothy Treadwell’s story has the potential to be a valuable reference point, serving as a lesson on the dangers of an incorrect evaluation of practical risks even when there are good intentions.

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Grizzly Man. Directed by Werner Herzog, performance by Timothy Treadwell, Lions Gate Films, 2005.

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