Group Discussion: Training and Development


To make sure that the audience is engaged with the subject matter and is ready explore the opportunities that case studies provide, one may consider inviting the participants to take an active part in the deconstruction of the phenomenon of a case study. However, apart from focusing on what a case study is, which would seem like a reasonable step to take, one should also make the target audience focus on defining what a case study is not. As a result, the audience will get rid of the stereotypical interpretations of case studies and the relevant concepts, which will create the foundation for a more successful lecture.

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The activity may be shaped in the form of a group discussion. However, to facilitate the environment in which an unceasing conversation occurs, one should use certain questions as cues and prompts in case the participants of the discussion run out of ideas. Thus, the process of an analysis of what a case study represents can commence (Seawright, 2016).


Gathering the feedback is, perhaps, the most challenging task on a number of levels, the issues associated with the data management process being the key problem to consider. When considering the collection of quantitative information, one should consider using a survey. The specified approach allows for the fastest acquisition and processing of data; furthermore, it allows embracing a vast range of audiences and requires a comparatively small effort in setting and distributing it. Particularly, online tools for survey making can be used to design it, whereas the survey itself will be dispersed among the target population with the help of an e-mail.

The use of Likert-type questions in the survey will help quantify the retrieved information and, therefore, allow carrying out a statistical analysis of the available data. Consequently, the changes in the target population’s perception of a case study as a notion will be assessed.

Furthermore, the application of an interview as the means of retrieving the crucial data should be deemed as essential. While the specified approach has several disadvantages, the threat of receiving subjective data being the key one, it also offers a plethora of opportunities for gaining extensive information about the changes in the target population’s perception of the issue. Moreover, the tool will serve as the crucial step in tracking down the process of change, therefore, locating possible problems and defining the ways of addressing them.

Finally, the use of interviews will help gain a deeper insight into the concept of a case study, thus, providing an opportunity to build a successful improvement strategy that will help enhance the skills of the speakers, enhance the efficacy of icebreakers used in the course of the lecture, etc. Thus, the results of the surveys and the interviews will inform the next step in advancing the analysis of a case study as the tool for conducting research (Neelankavil, 2015).

Time Management

It should be borne in mind that the research is time-bound. Therefore, the tools for managing the available time effectively must be incorporated into the study. Specifically, one should consider using lists of essential objectives and the schedule according to which the said objectives must be accomplished. Furthermore, it is recommended to analyze the target environment and remove the factors that may cause stress among the researchers. Thus, a sharp rise in the productivity levels is expected (Ravindran, 2016).

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