HealthCo Company’s Work-Life Balance Issue


At the moment, HealthCo faces significant problems that come from the lack of the staffs desire to engage in particular activities and support the company’s further rise. Several factors precondition the emergence of this situation. The company does not have a well-thought-out strategy regarding human resources management. It does not consider the key demands of its workers, does not provide support to them, and demands a constant high level of efficiency.

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For this reason, the level of motivation and commitment reduces. Resting on these factors, along with the information provided in the three scenarios and the case, the diagnosis can be formulated as the absence of the powerful and untied working culture that would help members of the staff adapt to the hard conditions and feel safe and protected (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2018).

Managers responsible for working with people demonstrate different approaches even though they belong to the same organization; moreover, every department offers its approach to the work-life balance and has different requirements. For this reason, the extreme fragmentation of the environment evidences the underdevelopment of the organizational culture that becomes the most problematic aspect of HelathCo’s functioning.

The given diagnosis can also be proved by the fact that the existing needs are frequently disregarded, and management is not ready to adapt their styles to improve people’s desire to work for the company. At the same time, income and finances are the top priority for the organization while other departments might be underdeveloped. For this reason, there is a need for radical transformation and a shift of priorities towards the cultivation of more efficient HR management.

Key Issues

One of the key issues in change management needed for the companys successful transformation is the empowering of the HR department for it to be able to reconsider the inefficient approach and introduce a new one with an acceptable work-life balance and other benefits that might attract workers and increase their motivational levels. The central task of the HR department is the determination of the existing needs and areas of change that should be given attention (Cummings & Worley, 2013). It can be achieved by the functioning of a cross-functional team consisting of the representatives of various departments with their suggestions and notes (Noe et al., 2018). Their consideration will help to acquire the desired result and improve the atmosphere in HealthCo.

Another issue is apparent understaffing in almost all departments. From the case, we might understand that some specialists have to work under difficult conditions with a workload that exceeds the usual capacity of the staff. This fact evidences the lack of workers needed to provide services to all individuals efficiently. For this reason, a staffing strategy and job design become another central issue that should be resolved to improve the functioning of HealthCo and provide workers with the conditions they need. Otherwise, the high level of stress and tiredness will corrupt their efficiency and the desire to perform their tasks at the appropriate level.

Finally, another important aspect is the organizational culture. From the case, one can see that women comprise the majority of workers in the company. However, CEOs and managers disregard traditional needs associated with female workers and are not interested in the creation of an environment beneficial for specialists’ both personal and professional growth. For instance, the absence of support to mothers is explained by the fact that it was their decision and there is no need for specific measures to help them. The given approach reduces the level of motivation and disappoints people. In this regard, much effort should be devoted to the creation of the organizational culture that will satisfy and support workers.

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Nevertheless, these issues can be resolved by HealthCo if it initiates its transformation with the primary aim to introduce a new culture and more beneficial working conditions. First, the company should create a team responsible for change headed by a consultant with the experience in this area (Noe et al., 2018). His/her fresh perspective will help to discover the most problematic issues and introduce appropriate solutions to them.

Second, the company should hire temporary workers to decrease the workload and the level of stress (Rue, Director, & Ibrahim, 2015). Finally, funds should be given to reconsider work-life balance for specialists and provide them with the support and social protection they might need in various situations. These measures will help to accomplish a successful transformation of the company and inspire staff to work harder.

Altogether, HealthCo can become a company with an outstanding work-life balance only if the existing approach to this aspect will be reconsidered. New temporary workers will help to reduce the load and decrease the level of stress. At the same time, the appropriate organizational culture focused on the improved HR management and people’s needs will contribute to the improved functioning of the organization by guaranteeing better results and higher commitment levels. In such a way, the transformation mentioned above becomes crucial as it is the only way to align the efficient work of HealthCo and its further rise.


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