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Healthy Nutrition: Fat-Free


A fat-free product ought not to contain more than ½ grams of fat-per-serving. This can only be attained if someone consumes the food’s serving size that has been stated. However, the moment someone consumes more than the stated amount, it stops being fat-free. The daily intake of fat is normally counted by the entire gram fractions. As Haynes (2010) asserts, the majority of fat-free foodstuffs can get in sugars that they cannot get in fat. Nevertheless, fat-free is not the same as calorie-free.

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In this paper, someone will complete the reading in Chapter 5: ‘Are You Sure It’s Fat-Free’ of the textbook entitled ‘Mathematics in our world’ by Bluman. In doing so, the person will collect 3 of his/her best-packaged foods from break-fast, banquet, and supper. Thus, this paper aims at using the model that has been explained by the example in Chapter 5 and then critiquing the protein content, the arithmetical formula that has been depicted, and the fat content from the selected foods.

Idyllically, fat-free products are not capable of assisting someone to lose his/her weight. They taste better and thus, they are likely to be consumed by him/her. Furthermore, many superfluous types of filler are contained in a fat-free foodstuff, which makes them tastier. Because fat-free foodstuffs test better, the majority of individuals tend to assume that it is of necessity to relatively consume these foods in comparison to their regular counterparts. The idea of taking it easy with regards to fat-free foodstuffs is not good. Thus, we ought not to permit companies to do the superfluous legwork for us (Wong, 2010).

The three of the best-packaged foods that have been collected from break-fast, lunch, and dinner are Beefaroni-Chef-Boyardee; Campbells Cream-of-Chicken; and Ramen Noodle-soup chicken flavor respectively. To analyze the depicted arithmetical formula, the correct manner of computing the fat content is multiplying 9 by the number of grams of fat to get calories. For example, if a ten-ounce serving of food has 24 calories and its label indicates that it has 9g fat. In this circumstance, 9 by 9 equals 81 calories (Bluman, 2005). Then, we will apply the formula below:

___Fat Calories__ X 100% = Percentage calories. In this case, 81/240×100%=33.75%

Total Calories

Calculations: Protein Content and Fat content

  1. Beefaroni Chef-Boyardee, Net weight 425g (15 oz)

Nutritional facts: total fat 10 grams 15 percent; saturated fat 4.5 grams 23 percent; cholesterol 24mg 8 percent; sodium 991mg 41 percent; carbohydrates 33 grams 11 percent; fiber 3 grams 12 percent; sugars 5 grams; protein 10 grams 20 percent; 2 servings-per-container (249 grams Calories) 260 Calories, from fat 90.

  1. Campbells Cream-of-Chicken, Net weight 305 g (10¾ ounces), 98% fat free Nutritional facts: total fats 2.5 grams 4 percent; saturated fat 1 gram 5 percent; cholesterol 10mg 3 percent; sodium 591mg 25 percent; potassium 85 grams 2 percent; total carbohydrates 10 grams 3 percent; fiber 1 gram 4 percent; sugar 1 gram; protein 2 grams, 2.5 servings-per-container (123 mL Calories) 70 Calories, from fat 25.
  2. Ramen Noodle-soup chicken flavor, Net weight 85 g (3 ounces)

Nutritional facts: total fat 7 grams 11 percent; saturated-fat 3.5 grams 18 percent; Sodium 830 mg 35 percent; total carbohydrates 26 grams 9 percent; Dietary Fiber 1 gram 4 percent; Sugar 1 gram; Iron 10 percent; Protein 5 grams, 2 servings-per-container (43 g calories) 190 calories, from fat 70.

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The protein content and fat content can be computed from the nutritional facts. Thus, from fats, we can compute the Calories number. Given the fact the total calories in the food and the calories from fat are given in the nutritional facts, we can just divide and then multiply by one-hundred. Therefore:

For Beefaroni Chef-Boyardee, = _90_ x 100 = 34.6 percent 260

For Campbells Cream-of-Chicken, = _25_ x 100 = 35.7 percent 70

For Ramen Noodles-soup chicken flavor, = _70_ x 100 = 36.8 percent 190


It is unhealthy to consume fat-free foodstuffs in large amounts as someone can end up consuming a lot of chemicals that have been impelled into these kinds of foodstuffs. Statistically, if someone consumes a fat-free product, he/she can end up consuming 28 percent more calories than the required amount (Wong, 2010). Thus, it is of necessity that someone consumes foods that have good fats content. These kinds of foods may encompass oily fish; jade oil; nuts; avocadoes; and pips.


Bluman, A. G. (2005). Mathematics In Our World. College of Allegheny: McGraw-Hill Publishers.

Haynes, F. (2010). What does fat-free mean? web.

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Wong, J. (2010). Fat-Free Foods and Low Fat will make Someone Overweight. Web.

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