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Healthy Sleep and Its Importance


Napping is a human physiological need, just like hunger or thirst. If a person is deprived of sleep, he will probably die in the end. It is not without reason that in Greek mythology, the God of Sleep, Hypnos, and the God of Death, Thanatos, were twin brothers (Barnes et al. 112). Healthy sleep is an important factor that affects human health and length of life.

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Healthy sleep is physiologically necessary for humans and is an important factor in their physical and mental health. Even after one sleepless night, which has occurred in the life of almost everyone, there is fatigue, reduced concentration, difficulties with complex activities. Left awake for 2-3 nights, the coordination of movements and focusing of vision is impaired (Chouchou et al. 297) Further on, there appears irritability, slowness of movements, slurred speech, hallucinations, and odd behavior.

Recently, there has been a tendency to reduce the average sleeping time. The desire to be always “online” to follow the news in the world significantly undermines the human psyche because the brain is not adapted to process such a huge amount of information, sometimes quite contradictory (Plante 235). Information (primarily the Internet) “pollution” contributes to shortening the duration of sleep. Light (street lighting, screens of various electronic devices: phones, laptops, tablets and regular computer monitors) affect sleep problems.

The benefits of adequate sleep for human health. In the deep stages of sleep, the human growth hormone, somatotropin, is produced in the body, which triggers a program of comprehensive body renewal and regulates metabolism. During sleep, neuromidiators – special chemicals that, similar to a conductor, make the body work smoothly, like clockwork. Due to sleep, a person’s normalized neuro-psychological state restores performance (Gulia and Velayudhan 49).


People who have a good night’s sleep are less sick and have better health. All studies indicate that the quality of our sleep determines the quality of an individual’s wakefulness. If people are not satisfied with the quality of their sleep or have other complaints related to sleep, we recommend seeing a neurologist – a specialist in sleep disorders.

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