Helping Medicaid Offer Maternity Services Act

S. 116: MOMs Act: Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health

  • Involvement of stakeholders and organizations (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • State assistance in improving maternal health (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Reduction in variation in maternal care standards (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Primarily data-driven and evidence-based practices (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Elimination of preventable maternal mortality and morbidity (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Implementation of best practices for maternal safety (Gillibrand, 2019).

S. 116: MOMs Act: Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Prevention Grant Program

  • Medical facilities are allowed to use grants to buy equipment (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Funds may be used for staff training to match new standards (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Facilities with a mortality review committee are prioritized in funds distribution (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Prioritization of facilities serving low-income, at-risk, and rural populations (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Reports on the implementation are needed after two years (Gillibrand, 2019).
  • Reports should be publicly available after one year (Gillibrand, 2019).

Impact on Nursing Practice Standards if Passed

  • Therapeutic communication for mental health assessment in mothers and pregnant women.
  • Heightened presence before, during, and after birth.
  • Prompt identification of maternal venous and thromboembolism.
  • Enhanced care in the case of obstetric hemorrhage.
  • We are ensuring equally respectful treatment of minority groups and the elimination of any discriminating behaviors.
  • We are participating in the review of mortality and morbidity rates.

Impact on Nursing Practice Standards if not Passed

  • Use of state legislation on pregnancy and maternity.
  • Maintenance of current nursing practice standards.
  • Use of established practices in a given medical facility.
  • Use of usual government funds for equipment and continuing education.
  • They are ensuring that employees meet educational requirements to work in obstetric nursing.
  • Monitoring and health assessment as prescribed in a given medical facility.

Impact on My Own Nursing Practice if Passed

  • Nurses study new legislation closely.
  • Nurses compare established practices to those prescribed by the new standards.
  • Nurses learn how to use new equipment.
  • Participation in staff training on preventing morbidity and mortality.
  • We are communicating the importance of care to patients.
  • We are educating colleagues and exposing violations.

Impact on My Own Nursing Practice if not Passed

  • Nurses use practices compliant with current legislation.
  • Nurses uphold the existing federal standards of prenatal and postnatal care.
  • Use of existing equipment for birth assistance and monitoring.
  • Nurses uphold the standards set at a given medical facility.
  • Nurses make an effort to address mortality and morbidity in pregnant women and mothers based on their knowledge and existing standards.

Communication-Based on Nursing Practice

  • Communication-based on evidence-based practice.
  • Plenums for discussing complicated cases.
  • Communication of changes to nursing practice.
  • Staff training about the use of the new equipment.
  • Heightened surveillance of complicated cases.
  • Encouragement of communication between nurses and discussion of best practices enlisted in S. 116: MOMs Act.

Communication-Based on Nursing Standards

  • Arrangement of meetings at medical facilities for communicating nursing standards.
  • Observation of colleagues in action and discussion of new standards application.
  • Continuing education on leading causes of maternal mortality.
  • I am revising labor assistance standards to reduce primary cesarean birth.
  • Diversity training to address the issue of racism and other types of discrimination.
  • I am revising nursing assistance in the case of prenatal, birth, and postnatal complications.

Communication-Based on Nurse-Patient Outcomes

  • Alarming mortality rate: 20 deaths per 100,000 births (America’s Health Rankings, 2018).
  • Many women receive little to no prenatal and postnatal care (Lassi, Mansoor, Salam, Das & Bhutta, 2014).
  • Hospitals and birthing centers gather statistics on nurse-patient outcomes.
  • Nurses hold meetings to communicate statistics on outcomes.
  • Two-sided, continuous communication with mortality review committees.
  • The need to improve nurse-patient outcomes is communicated regularly based on recent research within a facility.

Impact on the Community

  • Improved prenatal care for women in the community.
  • Women have fewer concerns regarding pregnancy complications due to enhanced prenatal care.
  • Pregnant women’s and mothers’ mental health is stable due to the presence of a support system.
  • Pregnant women can count on legal support in the case of a negative health outcome.
  • Women have a better understanding of their rights and liberties.
  • Women are more aware of the changes in legislation and can make well-informed decisions.


America’s Health Rankings. (2018). Maternal mortality in United States in 2018. Web.

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Gillibrand, K. (2019). S. 116: MOMS Act. Web.

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