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“Henry IV, Part 1” Play by William Shakespeare


“Henry IV” is the most popular of William Shakespeare’s plays. “Henry IV, part 1” was acted in 1597 and 1598. The play is set up in London, where it began at the palace, where King Henry IV addressed his council about the civil war in England. In “Henry IV, Part 1,” Shakespeare began by depicting Richard II, who returns from exile. King Richard II had been imprisoned because he had declared himself as the king. In “Henry IV, Part 1,” former supporters join the rebels against him but Hal the Henry son fight against the forces. Part two of the story continues with the civil war in the whole nation that caused fear. Henry IV dies, and his son Hal becomes King Henry V. Eventually, Henry V conquers France establishing peace and marries the French princess, Katherine.

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The Body

This play talks much about King Henry IV of England, also known as Henry of Bolingbroke, born in the year 1367. He ruled England from 1399 to 1413 when he died from an unknown skin disease, suspected to be leprosy. Henry IV faced the throne of England, which made him imprison King Richard II, who died in prison. It is believed that the assassination of Pontefract castle must have been plotted by King Richard II.

The Welsh, who had a lot of love for King Richard, became harsh to King Henry IV and Earl of Northumberland because of betrayal. Hotspur Earl Son, as a result of his courage, went to fight with the Welsh. King Henry could not cooperate with the pagans in Jerusalem because he was dealing with a civil riot at England’s borders. Harry Percy challenged the king by not handing over the Scottish war prisoners, who were causing the skirmishes at England’s border.

This did not stop the Scots from attacking the England border; however, Henry Percy moved to fight with them. Henry Percy defeated and made them prisoners. King Henry IV required the prisoners to be sent to London, which made Percy angry. The war continued even in some parts of Shrewsbury, which was dangerous. Hotspur was killed in this war by the Welsh. King Henry had no one to trust because all his friends turned against him.

King Henry IV was living wildlife, associating with robbers, and breaking his father’s wagons. King Henry IV was unhealthy when he was in Westminster Abbey and old before his time. The king informed his son that he would declare war on France. King Henry IV died a miserable death because of taking the Kingship unfairly. His family is known as Lancaster House because Henry IV’s father was the Duke of Lancaster.

Evaluation of the Play

The play has faced modern criticisms due to the characters in the play. This is an anonymous play, and it has developed low-comedy in the two parts. The play has ambiguous moral values, political rebellion, and prevailing ethical and religious attitudes. The play analysts are not satisfied with the cultural turmoil amongst the characters.


The play is an admirable production, which should be recommended to be used by the student at colleges and high schools. Literature teachers should guide the students to study the play and try to act. This will ensure the rigorous preparation of the student for their studies. In this way, the student will get the very best in education.

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