64 Adolescence Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Adolescence

  1. Mental Disorders in Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence
    This paper is going to provide an overview of some of the most commonly encountered mental disorders diagnosed in infants, children, and adolescents.
  2. Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood
    The 27-year old interviewee might need psychological assistance to deal with the process of transition from adolescence to adulthood as sociocultural concerns indicate.
  3. Adolescence and the Social Determinants of Health
    Today, adolescents face a number of health risks that could impact their further life. However, most of these health risks are preventable.
  4. Conduct Disorder in Adolescence
    Conduct disorder refers to a collection of antisocial behaviors exhibited by adolescents that infringe on the rights of other people and that defy societal norms.
  5. Adolescence Perception in Nancy Lesko’s Study
    The ways to the problem of adolescence change over time and Nancy Lesko provides a provocative analysis of the issue, which became an accepted approach to observing adolescents.
  6. Homosexuality and Adolescence Development
    This report discusses issues related to transgender disorders and homosexuality and considers social, cognitive, and physical development in adolescence.
  7. Adolescence from Developmental Perspective
    The adolescent period is notable for the development of formal cognitive operations that allow adolescents to construct the so-called “contrary to fact” propositions.
  8. Depression in Adolescence as a Contemporary Issue
    Depression in adolescents is not medically different from adult depression but is caused by developmental and social challenges young people encounter.
  9. Adolescence and Human Development Challenges
    There are various questions about how puberty affects adolescents concerning the fact that not all people are impacted in the same way.
  10. Self-Esteem in the Adolescence Period
    According to Kail and Cavanaugh, self-esteem can be explained to mean the general perception of an individual and individual views in the eyes of society.
  11. The Beginning of Life (Conception) Through Adolescence
    Conception is the process by which a spermatozoon, which is a male germ cell, released from testis penetrates the ovum released from the ovary of a female.
  12. Escaping the Endless Adolescence’ by Joseph Allen
    In their book “Escaping the endless adolescent: How we can help our teenagers grow up before they grow old” J.Allen and C.Allen address the issue of prepared for adult life.
  13. Adolescence and Sexuality: Girls’ and Boys’ Sexual and Emotional Experiences
    The paper aims to discuss girls’ and boys’ sexual and emotional experiences and how social and gender norms influence adolescent behavior and personal identity.
  14. Substance Abuse Prevention in Adolescence
    Parents and school administrations should implement measures of stopping substance abuse as the first step in safeguarding the future of the next generation.
  15. Adolescence: Contemporary Issues and Resources
    Teenagers are particularly vulnerable toward developing what has been given the name of Internet Addiction Disorder.
  16. Adolescence Substance Abuse: Over The Counter Inhalants And Cough Syrup
    Over-the-counter drugs, commonly known as OTC, refer to the prescription of drugs that are not meant for medical use.
  17. The Effect of Adolescence on Development
    This article tries to understand the underlying psychological issues of adolescents’ social development to define their positive and negative impact.
  18. The Effect of Social Media during Adolescence
    Social media isolates the teen users from people around them as they concentrate more on their gadgets, with limited face-to-face interaction.
  19. Identity Establishment in Adolescence and Its Relation to Conflict
    The adolescent development of a new identity can cause conflict with their parents. An essential aspect of identity is a commitment, which adolescents may change.
  20. Impact of Social Media on Adolescence
    The paper argues there is a need for adolescents to regulate their time spent on social media platforms to eliminate the growing impacts of social media.

🎓 Most Interesting Adolescence Research Titles

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  1. Does Alcohol Consumption Reinforce Mental Problems in Adolescence?
  2. Adolescence and Its Effects on Adult Behavior
  3. Mass Media and Adolescence: How Mass Media Influence Teens in Their Sexual Behavior
  4. Childhood and Adolescence During the Middle Ages
  5. Peer Effects, Unobserved Factors, and Risk Behaviors in Adolescence
  6. Adolescence and Its Transitional Stages of Physical and Mental Development
  7. Body Image and Eating Disorders in Adolescence
  8. Low and Decreasing Self-Esteem During Adolescence
  9. Adolescence and the Factors That Help Lead Us Through It
  10. Eating Behavior and Social Interactions From Adolescence to Adulthood
  11. Cognitive Function Impairments Linked to Alcohol and Cannabis Use During Adolescence
  12. Adolescence: Developmental Psychology and Social Work Practice
  13. Metacognition and Headache: Which Is the Role in Childhood and Adolescence?
  14. Coping With Autonomy: The Challenge of Adolescence
  15. Adolescence, Maturity and Public Life in Dublin in the Short Story “Araby” by James Joyce
  16. New Directions for Preventing Dating Violence in Adolescence
  17. Child Sexual Development: Infancy, Early Childhood, Adolescence
  18. Parental Factors Associated With Rumination-Related Metacognitive Beliefs in Adolescence
  19. Adolescence: Stress, Depression, and Suicide
  20. Crises and Psychological Development in Adolescence and Adulthood
  21. Attachment, Social Value Orientation, Sensation Seeking, and Bullying in Early Adolescence
  22. Current Trends and Issues on Pregnancy in Adolescence

💡 Simple Adolescence Essay Ideas

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  1. Girls’ Development During Adolescence: Diminishment of Self
  2. Adolescence and the Common Identity Crisis
  3. Early Parenting and the Reduction of Educational Inequality in Childhood and Adolescence
  4. Parenting, Family Care, and Adolescence in East and Southern Africa
  5. Bullying Perpetration and Narcissistic Personality Traits Across Adolescence: Joint Trajectories and Childhood Risk Factors
  6. Family Instability and Locus of Control in Adolescence
  7. Emotional and Moral Development in Childhood and Adolescence
  8. Adolescence: Physical and Cognitive Development
  9. How Mass Media Affects the Image of Adolescence
  10. Changes Through Adolescence and Its Effects
  11. Attachment Styles and Suicide-Related Behaviors in Adolescence: The Mediating Role of Self-Criticism and Dependency
  12. Muscle and Tendon Adaptation in Adolescence: Elite Volleyball Athletes Compared to Untrained Boys and Girls
  13. Attention Matters: Pitch vs. Pattern Processing in Adolescence
  14. Family Dynamics and the Changing Home Environment: Infancy Through Adolescence
  15. Critical Periods During Childhood and Adolescence
  16. Parasocial Interactions and Relationships in Early Adolescence
  17. Gender Roles and Socialization in Adolescence
  18. Adolescence Relationships With Parents and Peers
  19. Obesity Among Hispanic Adolescents: Culture and Eating Habits
  20. Children’s and Parents’ Time-Use Choices and Cognitive Development During Adolescence
  21. Politics and Prejudice: How Political Discussion With Peers Is Related to Attitudes About Immigrants During Adolescence
  22. Adolescence: Transition Stage Between Childhood and Adulthood
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