62 Workplace Discrimination Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Workplace Discrimination

  1. Gender Discrimination and Performance in the Workplace
    While talking about the gender discrimination, both sexes are considered although on discrimination the female are mainly on the receiving end.
  2. Workplace Immigrant Discrimination: Opportunities and Challenges
    The paper aims at examining an article about the peculiarities of immigrant discrimination in the workplace. The authors introduce two hypotheses about immigrants.
  3. Workplace and Housing Discrimination in Canada
    This paper focuses on workplace and housing discrimination in Canada. Despite human rights laws, discrimination is still evident in Canada.
  4. US Workplace and Race Discrimination Court Cases
    The present paper analyzes two court cases to demonstrate important concepts associated with workplace discrimination.
  5. Racial Discrimination at the Workplace
    In the case of Ruth Whitman, an employee of African descent, the woman maintains that she has become a victim of race-based discrimination in the workplace.
  6. Workplace Discrimination: Analysis and Recommendations
    This study gives solutions to workplace discrimination in the context of organizational policies and practices and evaluates the aspect of effective communication styles.
  7. Laws on Pregnancy Discrimination in Workplace
    It is appropriate to introduce a reporting system that would help the employees to provide their comments and deliver the necessary information if there is any suspicion of discrimination.
  8. Discrimination Problem in the Workplace
    Discrimination in the workplace is still a critical problem because it can affect a person’s life in the long-term if a company does not consider preventive measures.
  9. Discrimination in the Workplace: Case Study
    The work is aimed to discuss the issue of discrimination in the workplace considering the case study of Robert D. Frazier v. Nextel Partners, Inc.
  10. Leadership and Management: Discrimination in the Workplace
    On several occasions, leaders and managers have to deal with various challenges and opportunities in the workplace. Widespread discrimination in the workplace.
  11. Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
    Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are important modern problems. They lead to health deterioration and also influence an individual’s habits and attitudes.
  12. Discrimination in the Workplace: A Case Study
    Case study analysis of John being humiliated and groundlessly insulted by his supervisor, apparently because of his supervisor’s racist tendencies.
  13. Disabled Americans in the Workplace and Discrimination
    This paper examines the background and the ethical issues involved in disabled Americans in the workplace and discrimination.
  14. Discrimination of Women in the Workplace
    Women have begun to gain more opportunities and are recognized in a wider range of industries, yet women in the workplace continue to face discrimination, prejudice, and lower pay.
  15. Workplace Discrimination Laws: Court Case
    Employers who terminate their workers on the basis of their sexual orientation break the law by violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  16. The Problem of Discrimination in the Workplace
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the gender discrimination in the workplace and describe their negative impact on the efficiency of the company.
  17. Religious Discrimination at the Workplace
    Employer should establish a dress code applicable to employees within specific job categories or to the whole staff.
  18. Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
    This paper examines the issues faced by an employee at Abercrombie & Fitch, evaluates the case in terms of the law, and assesses the potential actions of the HR director.
  19. Disability Discrimination in the Workplace
    This essay expounds on the job design nature applied by criminal justice agencies. It also explains how the agencies use ADA to accommodate disabled persons.
  20. Discrimination Against Women at the Workplace
    One of the most pressing issues related to discrimination in corporations concerns prejudiced attitudes towards women.
  21. Discrimination at Workplace
    Workers often face employment discrimination based on race. Thus, the issue of inappropriate treatment of various groups of workers is critically important and relevant.
  22. Employment Law Paper: Workplace Discrimination
    Discrimination in the workplace is a severe issue because it implies that people are deprived of some rights or inadequately treated based on their ethnicity.

🎓 Most Interesting Workplace Discrimination Research Titles

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  1. Gender Promotion Gaps: Career Aspirations and Workplace Discrimination
  2. Affirmative Action and Workplace Discrimination
  3. How Our Society and Culture Reinforces Women’s Discrimination at the Workplace?
  4. Understanding the Effects of Workplace Discrimination
  5. How to Prevent Workplace Discrimination?
  6. Are Transgenders Protected From Discrimination in the Workplace?
  7. Workplace Discrimination and Harassment During COVID-19
  8. Poor Education, Workplace Discrimination, and Judicial Inequality
  9. What an Employer Can Do to Prevent Discrimination?
  10. Age and Workplace Discrimination in Lithuania
  11. Employer Preference and Discrimination in the Workplace
  12. Addressing Workplace Discrimination: 5 Ways to Build Employee Trust and Confidence
  13. Workplace Discrimination and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  14. Impact of Workplace Discrimination on Employee Wellbeing
  15. Workplace Discrimination: What It Is and How to Avoid It
  16. How Does Workplace Discrimination Affect Businesses?
  17. Preventing Unlawful Workplace Discrimination in California
  18. Racism, Prejudice, and Discrimination in the Workplace
  19. Workplace Discrimination, a Picture of Hope and Concern
  20. How Workplace Discrimination Has Changed Over the Last Generation?

💡 Simple Workplace Discrimination Essay Ideas

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  1. Why Workplace Discrimination Laws Are Needed?
  2. Direct and Indirect Discrimination in the Workplace
  3. Corporate Greed and Workplace Discrimination
  4. Workplace Discrimination as a Risk Factor for Long-Term Sickness Absence
  5. Workplace Discrimination Against LGBT
  6. Avoiding Sexual Orientation and Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  7. Workplace Discrimination and the Case Against Coca-Cola Co
  8. How to Address Conflict-Related to Workplace Discrimination?
  9. Workplace Discrimination as a Common Problem
  10. Gender Issues and Discrimination in the Workplace
  11. Workplace Discrimination and Legal Frameworks
  12. The Effect of Workplace Discrimination on Job Attitudes
  13. Workplace Discrimination: Tips for Employees and Employers
  14. Ban on Workplace Discrimination
  15. How to Deal With Workplace Discrimination?
  16. The Different Types of Workplace Discrimination
  17. Understanding and Reducing Workplace Discrimination
  18. Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Policy
  19. Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination
  20. When Does Workplace Discrimination Occur?
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