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In Remembrance of Jane

Moving is always not easy for people, since they have to find themselves in a completely new place without the usual circle of friends and surroundings. When I migrated to Saint Louis, it was also difficult for me to adapt. However, when I started working in the hospital, my colleagues helped me to adjust. Jane, who was the head of housekeeping, became especially close to me. She was a mature and wise woman who could always give advice and support in difficult situations. At first, she was my mentor who “can help to guide, direct, and shape your present situation and future opportunities for the better” (“Importance Of Mentors,” n. d.). However, her special attitude towards people, sincere kindness, and openness made her an important person in my life. She was an active church member, which made her a model of moral character, always vibrant and considerate.

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Gradually, we became close friends and spent much pleasant time together both at work and outside. Jane began to play a special role in my life after the death of my mother. Then she became for me not just the head of housekeeping but my adopted family. Jane and her husband became a father and mother to me, which helped me cope with the grief of loss. She treated me with full dedication and sincerely participated in my life. I could always turn to her, and Jane listened to me without any judgment. She always tried to help not only me but also other people around, which delighted me. She was not only a mentor but also a real friend to me. We traveled to different countries, experienced new experiences together. Jane combined an amazing love for life and other people, making her an incredible source of energy. Despite the fact that I had to endure the loss of such a loved one, I am sure that as a religious person, she treated the fate of a person with acceptance.


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