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Individual Power Plan in Nursing

My Sense of Power in My Organization

My hospital has always provided timely and quality care to every patient. The hospital always focuses on the health needs of its patients. I have always used the best leadership theories to mentor my employees and nurse assistants (NAs). I have always used the best leadership strategies to address the issues affecting my employees and patients. I always encourage every nurse to be part of my medical team. This practice ensures my facility provides quality healthcare to every patient. I have always promoted new changes using evidence-based concepts and frameworks. I also encourage my nurses to use modern medical equipment (Marquis & Huston, 2012). My duty is to implement new procedures and policies in order to provide quality care to every patient. I have “bridged the gap between both my colleagues and my medical staff” (Paynton, 2008, p. 11). This practice has improved the managerial practices at the healthcare facility (Paynton, 2008). I have always mentored and motivated my nurses in order to achieve my goals. This strategy explains why the healthcare facility has been a leading provider of quality care to different patients.

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Increasing my Power Base

Leaders and managers should be motivated in order to realize their goals. I am planning to improve the healthcare provided to every patient (Parsons & Cornett, 2011). This goal motivates me to address the health needs of every patient. I always utilize new resources and evidence-based practices. I also attend seminars and conferences in order to understand the best medical and leadership practices. This practice explains why I have always provided quality support to the community. I always use new ideas to mentor and motivate my nurses. My nurses are always ready to provide quality care to their patients (Parsons & Cornett, 2011). Every hospital should be aware of its roles in society. It should also fulfill the needs of its stakeholders. The stakeholders should be happy with the organization’s internal activities. This fact explains why I have always worked hard “to change the perception of my stakeholders” (Paynton, 2008, p. 6). I always encourage every stakeholder to be part of the decision-making process. The hospital uses these decisions to increase the quality of services availed to every patient. I will always use these practices in order to achieve my goals as a nurse leader.

Strategies to Enhance My Powers as a Nurse Leader

My long-term goal is to enrich my powers and strengths as a nurse leader. I am always ready to use new strategies to achieve my goals. This spirit will ensure my patients receive quality services. I have also used new strategies to enhance my leadership skills. I am planning to attend more conferences and seminars. These seminars will equip me with new leadership and nursing skills. I am also planning to read more nursing journals and articles. These articles will present the best ideas for better medical leadership. I will also read more books in order to improve my leadership skills. I will also join more teams and groups. This practice will make me a competent team player. Continued learning is an “effective strategy towards enhancing somebody’s leadership skills” (Sullivan, 2013, p. 47). I will use these skills to offer provide quality care to my patients. I will also address the changing needs of my employees. This practice will help my nurses deliver quality services to their patients.

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