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Informational Privacy in the Execution of Employment Contracts

Various companies need their new workers first to sign with them an agreement sooner than they commence the work. These may be important in the sense that they might act as a basis for ensuring a binding commitment from both parties. This commitment has legally binding and is therefore recognized by courts of law. An issue that may arise from these contracts is the rights of workers. These may be abused in one way or another. While these are formal, some requirements that have not been put on paper may also be expected from the worker. It is important for any worker to know his rights and what is expected of them before and after making any commitment to the employer.

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Many people find it uncomfortable to disclose some private information to their employers. These may include details like race, age, marital status, a comprehensive health condition, sexual orientation, religion among others. Many companies may need such information to meet high productivity targets, ensure equity among different interest groups, or any other good intended purpose. One problem with someone having such private information is that they may use it to discriminate against some people with no regard to their rights. The information may also be leaked to the public against the interests of the concerned party. It may also be a way of filtering out people with perceived or real disabilities without considering their qualifications, qualities and abilities.

Another concern for the employee is the required dress code at the workplace. These vary greatly depending on the employer. While banks and other financial institutions may require their employees to wear executive and decent clothes, workers in a pub may be told to wear clothes that have a sexual appeal. Of concern is that one may be intruding on the rights of workers to choose their clothing with no regard to their tastes and feelings besides putting the workers in prone positions where they might be harassed or abused sexually and verbally. They may argue that they want to maintain uniformity, professionalism, and appeal to customers but the fact remains that they give very little of their customers’ preferences.

One controversial statement that I normally find in most employment contracts is the one that states that the employment can be terminated any time due to cases of indiscipline on the part of the employee. My concern is that the employer may be the only one who understands and knows what indiscipline is. This clause puts the employee in a position of manipulation and even abuse by the senior management.

A number of employers may ask for details concerning your personal assets. In such cases, only the wealthy may likely be qualified to handle certain positions in the company thus discriminating against others in essence. Whether one is wealthy or not, many will have a problem with people defining them on the basis of their wealth. It may also be of concern that this kind of information may be used to blackmail someone, monitor him, or be used for other evils.

The worker’s image may also be interfered with and defined by the private information divulged. It may feel extremely uneasy to know that a manager or some other person at the workplace knows a lot of what you consider personal information about you. It may be difficult to behave normally besides feeling uneasy and suspicious.

Any workplace must have a good working environment that respects and uplifts the rights and privacy of the worker, creates no room for any form of abuse, and recognize that its workers are on a level as top assets. This will not only ensure great performance efficiency but is also the moral thing to do and thus ensures respect of human rights for peaceful co-existence and development. This will also go a long way in branding a company positively and thus appeal more to its customers.

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