Inner Strength in Women Survivors of Cancer

Major Findings

Dingley, C., & Roux, G. (2014). The role of inner strength in quality of life and self-management in women survivors of cancer. Research in Nursing & Health, 37(1), 32-41.

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This article dwells upon the role of self-management and inner strength in the life of women survivors of cancer. Dingley and Roux (2014) argue that these two components significantly improve women’s quality of life, and the authors also stress that the data obtained can be employed in nursing.


The study was implemented based on a descriptive design. One hundred seven participants took part in the research. The age of samples ranged from 20 to 83. A significant number of participants were Hispanic women. It is noteworthy that the ability to communicate in English was also taken into account, and females who had severe problems with English did not take part in the research. Patients of two urban healthcare facilities participated. The researcher focused on five independent variables: demographic/clinical/health profile, depression, inner strength, quality of life, and self-management. Samples completed surveys, and the data were analyzed with the help of Statistical Package for Social Science (14.0 version). Notably, 53% of participants experienced symptoms of depression, 81% had high scores in self-management, while 75% had high scores in inner-strength.


Dingley and Roux (2014) stress that there is a strong correlation between self-management and inner strength. At the same time, depression negatively affected inner strength as well as self-management. The researchers note that after removal of the variable (depressive symptoms), major predictors were the time since diagnosis, certain comorbid conditions, and inner strength. The researchers also note that the study can have a variety of implications. The data can be the basis of further research on the matter. It is also possible to use the study to develop effective nursing interventions.


It is necessary to note that the research has a significant value for the evidence-based nursing practice. The study provides helpful insights into the nature of self-management and the inner strength of women survivors of cancer. These concepts can be used to develop effective nursing practices when treating females diagnosed with cancer. Self-Management and inner strength are major concepts that enable women to overcome depressive symptoms and improve their quality of life. Therefore, nurses have to assist these women in acquiring the necessary skills to remain strong and fight for their life and health.

Significance of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

The article is another example of the way evidence-based nursing practice can facilitate the development of nursing. Research addressing an important issue unveils certain aspects and provides evidence. The data obtained enable nursing practitioners to develop an effective strategy to meet the needs of patients and improve their quality of life. In this case, nurses can be sure that self-management (as well as inner strength) is the major concept to focus on when treating women diagnosed with cancer. Nursing practitioners have to train and guide women and help them develop self-management skills and inner strength. The present article only finds the importance of inner strength and self-management for improvement of patients’ quality of life, and it is essential to implement another research to develop particular strategies to help patients develop the necessary skills. However, as has been mentioned above, the article is a good example of the way evidence-based nursing practice advanced nursing practice as the research enables the practice to improve step-by-step.

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