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Internal Analysis: Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds by Beats by Dre


PowerBeats pro wireless earbuds are aesthetic products that are highly comprehensive. Their usage is reserved in silence, although they do not come cheaply. Moreover, they are enclosed in cases associated with gigantism as they appear in an indulgently chucky box. PowerBeats are designed for new generations and are subtly brilliant. Despite having a crossbar section for housing batteries, it is more gracefully integrated into their intricate systems that curve around and over the back of the ear (PowerBeats Pro). It is comfortable, soft to the ears, vastly coherent, and intentionally designed than other brands. PowerBeats are at the heart of exercise, including gyms, athletes, and other games.

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Brand Promise

PowerBeats pro guarantees comfort, stability, and phenomenal fitness that every user appreciates. They have various in-ear tip sizes to allow customization by consumers. People using googles also utilize them comfortably, but they have to wear them before the spectacles. The earbuds are super light with appealing sizes and shapes. PowerBeat’s curved exterior design permits their usage by persons wearing hoodies or joggers and sportspeople compared to other Apple earphones. Stability is both on connectivity to the internet and sticking in the ear all the time. They guarantee faultless connections and zero dropouts disturbances even with Bluetooth (Finkle). Additionally, they ensure continuous communication during a call without any form of latency and garbling. The brand also promises long hours of usage as batteries have nine-hour life after charging.

Market Share

By the third quarter of 2019, the global market for wireless wearables was 33 million units, of which 31 percent came from the United States (Purcher). The market leader then was Apple due to their increased sales of second-generation Air Pods. However, its shares fell from 53% to 45%, and it decided to buy off the beats (Purcher). JBL and Beats ranked fourth and fifth, consequently following the key leaders such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung galaxy (Purcher). PowerBeats pro’s market share increased rapidly due to favorable market reviews of designs and sound quality. Apple bought Beats recently, and its market share has grown significantly.

Brand Strengths and Weaknesses

PowerBeats pro strengths emerge from them: epic battery life, water and sweat proofing, quality sound with an appealing bass thump, huge soundstage compared to similar wireless devices, and super comfort and steadiness in the ear even during workouts (PowerBeats Pro). The brand’s weaknesses include a laughably big carrying case and treble energy, which causes fatigue after long listening sessions, apart from lacking a discreet look for casual and office settings.

Key Features and Functionality of the Selected Product

  1. Characteristics: PowerBeats pro is quite expensive and therefore targets higher-income populations. Compared to wireless hearables from other companies like Samsung, they are more expensive, but their quality and functionality work the price.
  2. Needs: the brand is meant to do workouts and exercise comfortably by enhancing the feeling of listening to uninterrupted music (Gil). It is used chiefly in call making and working at the gym, basketball fields, and other recreational facilities.
  3. Motivations: users are more attracted by the brand’s water and sweat resistance and long battery life hours. They can comfortably wear them during physical activities without damaging them or pause due to connection issues or battery death. People who enjoy the authenticity of music or video prefer using it to protect their eardrums.
  4. Product Usage: PowerBeats fits all customers as they have different sizes and shapes. They are also not limiting what the user should wear when wearing them; as such, users with hoodies, glasses, or other attires can use them due to their curved design (Finkle). Their extended battery life eliminates the need for carrying the whole case or accessing the charging area. However, people with hearing problems do not benefit from PowerBeats as they lack efficient noise isolation capabilities and treble energy.

Positioning of PowerBeat Pro Wireless Earbuds

The product is primarily positioned through differentiation in cost, design, and quality. Unlike other wireless devices, they are sweat and waterproof, and therefore more effective and durable. Their batteries are long-lasting hence preferred by many as they can use them for long hours. Additionally, their unique design ensures they do not inconvenience users, which is a primary concern with competitors’ products. Another strategy used in price differentiation is higher charges. They cost more than other products, attracting a specific population segment that believes that expensive is valuable (Ghahnavieh 54). However, the quality, design, and durability outweigh the cost differences and hence high market share.

Critical Issues for Marketing Managers in Selling this Product

Marketing managers should consider the following factors in selling PowerBeats Pro:

  1. Competition: Many companies produce the same products, such as Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, JLAB, Sony, Huawei, and many others. Managers should be aware of the nature and type of competition to devise strategic ways of maintaining a better market position (Hong and Nguyen 215).
  2. Market Share: As the brand move global, managers should know the percentage of sales to expect from a particular market depending on the dominating supplier (Ghahnavieh 54-55). They should weigh the expected sales revenues and volumes to determine their profitability and room for growth.
  3. Customer Base: Marketing managers should study the market to obtain significant consumer characteristics, which will guide their product designs, branding strategy, pricing, and taste and preferences.
  4. Niches: There are small sections of profitable markets but require a specific range of products to meet their unique needs (Victor et al. 18). Managers should overlook them because competitors hardly target them.
  5. Marketing Strategy: Managers should develop a marketing strategy that will reach a broader customer base and win their loyalty (Hong and Nguyen 215). However, they differ with markets, regions, and other segmentation factors depending on the target population.
  6. Brand Message: They should ensure that PowerBeats products appeal to the customer’s eye to connect emotionally with users. As such, they will be selling an experience rather than the product.
  7. Wholesale Value: PowerBeats can be sold through wholesalers or direct retailers and sales agents. Wholesale prices are lower than in retail, and they reach more consumers conveniently. Managers should evaluate the costs and benefits of using wholesalers before deciding on the appropriate distribution strategy.

PowerBeats Pro Marketing Mix


PowerBeats Pro is not only good for sound but also excellent in the make. They are used for listening to music but are more of a fashion accessory. Their primary audience is hip-hop culture and is highly differentiated to suit the segments that care for fashion and sound. Rather than selling the product, the company focuses on creating value, which attracts customers in a value proposition marketing strategy (PowerBeats Pro). Consumers, therefore, buy PowerBeats Pro for prestige rather than the gadget itself. The producer focuses on objective reasoning and the customer’s emotional feeling instead of the item’s features (Purcher). All headphones have an embedded signature as the brand name linked to Dr. Dre’s legacy of deep bass on his track record. The signature sells the products with minimal promotion, eliminating other marketing costs.

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Price Competes on Value

PowerBeats Pro prices depend on its value rather than other features. The company presents the product as something powerful that exists in the market through a strategic value proposition. Although the price is higher than rival brands in the market, it pays for the best. Although celebrities form most of its consumers, other users feel fantastic and proud as they consider themselves among the elite people accessing the brand (Ghahnavieh 54). Precisely, customers pay for membership instead of the item as they belong to a specific segment, hi-hop culture.


After the production, PowerBeat Pro earbuds are supplied to wholesalers. They are distributed to online stores such as the Beats website, and Amazon among others. The products also sell in retail stores such as Apple and Best (Suidan and Badi Al 2). These locations are internationally distributed, but they are more accessible in western countries and wealthy Asian states, where the demand for earbuds is significantly high.


Promotion is the greatest asset of Beats and Apple. They invest heavily in advertisement on Media, primarily through TV adverts. The company also uses the internet significantly to reach young people and target groups (Ghahnavieh 54). Additionally, they benefit from personal advertisement and mainly spread positive opinions by celebrities and other influencers through word of mouth. The brand uses sports, athletes, and other events and celebrities to promote itself through videos, films, tapes in coloration with platforms such as TikTok.

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