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Internet Social Group Analysis

The current trends in popularizing internet social groups confirm the patterns of micro sociology, where we all can be classified by patterns of social interaction. The implementation of such social networks is just a translation of our social behavior which is practiced every day. People are divided in groups based on interests, age, and work where all kinds of activities within these groups establish a certain social behavior. This paper analyzes one of the groups that I belong to, i.e. the group of my friends, approaching the analysis based on the formations of the online communities.

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The main difference between the online and the “offline” groups, taking my group of friends as an example, is that the relation within the group is intimately personal. Thus, paralleling online social groups, we can say that the group is closed and it does not provide public updates on their newsfeed.

The foundation of this group, which consists of three persons, is based on mutual choices in the activities that we use to practice together. These activities include, but not limited to reading, films and entertainment, and music. Although, the basis of forming the group is the aforementioned mutual interests, the group is dependent on other factors which were not apparent through formation, such as intellectual abilities, sympathy, and companionship.

The formation of the group was done through stages, where the group originally was of two people, and then the third member joined the group, or speaking in internet social network terms, an invitation was sent to her to join the group. Nevertheless, there is no apparent hierarchical structure within the group. We are all approximately within the same age, and there are no apparent preferences, and although we might differ in some skills, there are no fundamental skills based on which a structure within the group can be formed.

At the same time each member of the group is a member in other groups based on other circumstances. For that matter, each of us has a particular interest or aspect that is not shared by others. Therefore, the membership in this group does not limit being part of other groups, such as internet friends, neighbor friends, and etc.

Analyzing leadership, it can be said that the group has a leader, as analyzing leadership requires a certain criterion to stand on. However, if taking communicative skills as a criterion, in terms of fluency, confidence, and the ability to express oneself clearly, there is an obvious leader. Nevertheless, planning activities, making decisions, and discussing issues is a collective matter where all of the group’s members are on equal ground without any preferences. Paralleling the aforementioned to internet social groups, we can say that group has a moderator, who has better skills administering the group, but all of the group’s suggestions and posts are equally taken in consideration

Finally, as within any group, there are occasional conflicts of interests, which do not threaten the group’s existence. These conflicts are mainly based on differences in opinions and views on certain issues. These issues might be opinions on new music releases, books, fashion, etc. The conflict usually does not go beyond stating one’s arguments in a random order which ends up with choosing another subject for discussion is not so controversial.

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