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Jackson Hotels: Determining Recruitment Sources

Determining Recruitment Sources

Because the labor market is not limitless, it is imperative to choose the sources of recruitment promising more chances for hiring acceptable staff. In general, there are two types of recruitment sources – internal and external. Internal recruitment refers to employing people, who are already working with a company.

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The mechanism of this type of recruitment is simple: whenever an organization has a free position, it informs managers of it or publishes the information in internal networks and finds the most appropriate candidate inside the company. This process is known as the internal movement of staff. As for external recruitment, it implies involving people from the labor market, i.e. those, who are new to the organization and have not worked with it before (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2015).

Bearing in mind the specificity of the business and a wide range of positions requiring filling, the best option for Jackson Hotels is to use the combination of both internal and external sources of recruitment. The rationale behind making this choice is the fact that such combination would be beneficial for maximizing the benefits gained from the two types of recruitment sources and finding the most appropriate job candidates.

For example, the company might benefit from employing those, who are currently employed because they are familiar with its values and working process so that it does not need to invest in training new staff. Moreover, the process is faster and helps unlock the potential of the currently employed people to the maximum extent because those, who demonstrate low levels of performance working at maid service department, might become more productive in food services.

Falling upon external recruitment sources would be beneficial for overcoming the challenge of the deficit of particular professionals or skills because it is always more cost-efficient to involve those possessing necessary skills than investing in currently working staff to develop them, especially in the case of low-skilled and senior labor.

As for the external recruitment, some other options for Jackson Hotels might include direct applicants, i.e. those applying before the information about vacancy was distributed, and referrals, i.e. internal recommendations of external people. The motivation for choosing them is the fact that such people are usually interested in cooperation with the company and have studied what is required for them thus the level of their performance and compliance with the requirements is potentially higher (Machado & Davim, 2016).

When choosing recruitment sources, it is also paramount to focus on the specificities of the recruitment process. In most cases, internal recruitment is not challenging because it does not require external advertisement of vacancies. However, when it comes to external recruitment, it is significant to keep in mind several peculiarities. First of all, because Jackson Hotels focus on employing senior population, human resource professionals should make sure that the primary emphasis is made on posting application announcements in local newspapers or journals preferred by the social groups of interest.

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The same can be said about posting notices with employing agencies working with seniors or retired persons’ associations. Less attention should be focused on e-recruitment because the elderly usually do not have the skills necessary for browsing job sites (Hedge & Borman, 2012). However, this issue should not be completely ignored. The best option is to choose one or two popular websites and post announcement using them.

Recommending Background Investigations

Background investigations are imperative in order to guarantee that the company hires acceptable staff, especially keeping in mind the instances of personal property thefts. Because Jackson Hotels aim at attracting high-income customers, senior management should pay specific attention to introducing thorough background investigations, especially in case of external recruitment, in order to guarantee the safety of the guests and secure the image of the hotels.

The company should use the experience of the most successful organizations and conduct several background investigations. First of all, it is paramount to check employees’ criminal records to find out whether there were any disturbing file records in their stories. Moreover, checking credit records, eligibility for employment (e.g. immigration or military service issues), personal information such as social security numbers, prior employment, reference checks, health history inquiries, etc. are also recommended (Colaprete, 2012).

Obtaining feedbacks from neighbors, local officials or relatives might as well be used as a source of information in the process of the background investigation. The rationale for pointing to the necessity of this process is the fact that it is feasible for knowing the story of a potential colleague and determining whether they will not become a source of troubles to the company thus securing its future, as the past of an individual often predetermines their future (Hashim, 2013).

Defining Selection Criteria and Processes

Selection Criteria

In addition to background investigation process, Jackson Hotels should also focus on choosing the most appropriate selection criteria. For example, positive results of background investigations might be some of the selection criteria. Furthermore, it is vital to screen candidates for professionalism, i.e. the level of development of any skills required for coping with job duties, job knowledge, ethics, conflict-solving orientations, stress tolerance, self-control, and organizing work (Colaprete, 2012).

The rationale for highlighting these criteria is their significance in working with people. For example, self-control, conflict-solving orientations, and communication skills are critical not only for developing interactions in a team but also working with customers. Stress tolerance is important due to the daily working hours and the specificity of job duties, i.e. constant contacts with people having different backgrounds.

As for organizing work, these skills are crucial in order to meet the deadlines set for particular tasks, e.g. cleaning one room, and guarantee the flawlessness of the hotels’ operation. Still, one of the primary criteria is physical endurance and honesty due to the working loads and the necessity to interact with hotel guests and their personal environments (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2015).

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Selection Processes

The selection process recommended to Jackson hotels should incorporate the details regarding selection criteria and background investigation mentioned above. That said, it will include several steps:

  1. Screening applicants and their resumes;
  2. Interviewing candidates;
  3. Conducting background investigation;
  4. Making a selection.

The motivation for breaking the selection process in these steps is the fact that it is easier to manage them and control the flow of the process. Moreover, it is paramount to note that it is recommended to interview candidates before conducting background investigations because studying the past of each applicant would be a waste of company’s resources and only those, who were successful during the interviews, should be checked.

At the same time, it is imperative to note that not all candidates should be interviewed. For example, there is no sense in interviewing maid service or maintenance candidates. In their cases, background investigations with the focus on the prior employment would be enough to make a selection.


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