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Jacqueline Lapsey’s “Whispering the Word”


The Old Testament (OT) offers numerous arguments and views regarding the position of women in Christian societies. Over the years, feminists in this religion have lacked proper strategies for maintaining their views and commitments to the notions of gender equality from a religious perspective. In the book Whispering the Word, Jacqueline Lapsey offers new ideas for analyzing the presented OT stories and developing relevant ethical ideas. This discussion gives a critical review of this work and how it can empower professionals in educational and ministerial work.

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Author’s Purpose

The author’s purpose in writing the selected book was to provide a background on the patriarchal nature of most of the texts in the OT. Through this achievement, the writer presented a superior model for guiding Christians and religious feminists to hear such writings as the true word of God (Lapsey, 2005). The consideration of this gap would offer new insights for addressing women’s needs and empowering them in their respective communities.

Context in Scholarship

This work is informative and capable of expanding theorists’ ideas in Christian feminism. The author presents a unique response and idea for analyzing the subtle notions and ideas of less powerful omen in the context of the OT. The stories and experiences can become the best concepts for understanding God’s word for Christian believers (Lapsey, 2005). Additionally, the text provides a strong foundation for linking ethics and morality while focusing on the teachings of the Bible.

Making the Intended Argument

To deliver the intended message, the author relies on the presented texts and stories to describe how they support the idea of gender equality within the lens of Christianity. The world encourages readers to pursue such occurrences as attributes that reflect God’s word. This strategy makes it easier for her to propose powerful strategies for addressing the critical issues arising from the patriarchal nature of the Christian society. The first recommendation is that feminists within the Christian setting should learn to attend to women’s experiences and words (Lapsey, 2005). The second one is examining the perspective of Biblical narrators to get the intended message. The third proposal is for Christian feminists to apply the concepts by attending to modern worldviews from a textual perspective.

The Usefulness of the Book

This book offers several strengths that can guide more professionals to achieve their goals in education and ministry. For instance, such individuals can consider the presented proposals to examine Biblical texts and apply them to address feminist issues in the world today. The work also guides preachers to consider the perspective and intention of Scriptural authors if they are to place the targeted words within their proper context (Lapsey, 2005). The ideas are also practical and resonate with the goals of people who intend to take the issue of Christian feminism to the next level. When referencing most of the stories from the OT focusing on gender questions, scholars can utilize the book to identify how they reflect God’s word for man.


The above discussion has identified Jacqueline Lapsey’s book as inspirational and capable of addressing an area different scholars have ignored. The book offers additional insights for reading OT passages and relying on them to push the idea of gender equality within the lens of modern Christian women. Those involved in ministry would find the work resourceful and achieve their religious and professional goals much faster.


Lapsey, J. E. (2005). Whispering the word: Hearing women’s stories in the Old Testament. Westminster John Knox Press.

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