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James Baldwin and His Notes of a Native Son

James Baldwin had a significant contribution to U.S. culture and literature. A collection of ten essays called “Notes of a native” by James Baldwin was first published in 1955. The papers mainly cover racism in America and describe the author’s personal experience of growing up in such a discriminatory environment. Baldwin’s (2017) quote “I love America more than any other country in the world, and it is for this reason that I insist on my right to constantly criticize it” – in his essay turned into one of his most famous statements, especially in times of upheaval in the United States.

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James Baldwin is a complex and fantastic person who has undoubtedly left his mark on American history. Nevertheless, despite his undeniable intelligence and influence on literary history, his work is rarely studied in schools. The explanation for this is that Baldwin talked about racism in such an honest way that it could not be accepted in society. He also wrote openly about homosexuality and race relations, both of which were equally illegal at that time. Furthermore, it is for these reasons that people should read this work. It is not only for educational purposes but also for other children growing up in similar circumstances and knowing that they are not alone.

Baldwin’s clean, intelligent, and almost lyrical manner of speech has fascinated readers for decades, and this is one of many reasons why so many of his statements retain their influence over the years. Baldwin writes about racism and homosexuality in the most sincere and heartbreaking manner in works on these topics. His ability to get to the bottom of the prejudice he experienced and put it into words is a gift left to us that should not be devalued. Simultaneously, he was rejected by white America precisely because of his penchant for telling the authorities the truth.

Although Baldwin is primarily known for his articles on racism, he touched on many complex topics that dealt with his life’s difficulties as a poor, black gay man during American history’s turbulent times (Baldwin, 2017). Despite the fact that black Americans of that time had the right to participate in elections, they were still denied primary benefits both in schools, public transport, and the workplace and armed forces.

Raised in the home of a stepfather-pastor, Baldwin also frequently spoke out on the subject of religion and how it was used to oppress African Americans rather than to liberate them. His denial of the Christian faith aligned with his difficult upbringing and desire to remain sincere with himself. While many African-Americans found consolation in religion, it was not an option for Baldwin because of his unacceptable orientation.

James Baldwin was a man of his time, but he was also ahead of it. He spent his entire adult life fighting against racism, and for the rights of black people in the United States. Most of the books he wrote are devoted to this. Baldwin spoke with the frankness of a man who knew that he had nothing to lose by simply being himself. He was largely rejected by the civil rights activist community, despite being seen as one of the most important figures from a modern perspective. What is clear about James Baldwin and his legacy is that he saw the problems plaguing America so clearly and managed to voice those concerns in a way that few people have managed to do before.


Baldwin, J. (2017). Notes of a Native Son. Penguin UK.

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