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Job Satisfaction in High School Athletic Administrators

The research performed by Gregory Green and Shirley Reese reported on the level of job satisfaction experienced by the athletic administrators in high schools. The authors assessed researches on the feeling of teachers in regard to the combination of teaching and administering the responsibilities that athletics demanded after noting various challenges in one’s occupation. The study had a purpose to determine how the athletic administrators are satisfied psychologically and physiologically with the tasks they are assigned. Therefore, they hypothesized that the aspects of business are apparent in the field of athletics.

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In this study, 246 respondents were surveyed to establish their experiences as athletic administrators. Other researchers used Job Descriptive Index to assess levels of job satisfaction among 229 athletic administrators who worked in large schools within the country.

The results from the studies indicated that job satisfaction is influenced by several factors. The first notable impact is the work environment of the administrator. The other aspect is the position of administrators in the schools and their relationship with co-workers. Moreover, work dissatisfaction among the administrators is derived from carrying out multiple duties. The two conflicting roles of teaching and administering in athletics play a major role in job dissatisfaction among high school teachers who have the responsibility to deliver professionally in class as well as attend to the needs of athletics.

The findings of the study address that job dissatisfaction arising from the overwhelming dual duties result in stress among the administrators leading to an overall effect on the students-athletes and the co-workers. Student-athletes may develop negative attitudes towards the teacher as well as the educational stakeholders who expect better results from both tasks. The demands from all interested parties together with the dogma that coaching duty is very easy put the teacher-coaches in a state of dissatisfaction with their roles. The administrative structures and poor policies that define the roles of athletic administrators further worsen the situation for the administrators and get high dissatisfaction from their work.

It is important to appreciate the working conditions that lead to the job dissatisfaction evident among the high school athletic administrators. The involving tasks in the work can be attributed to the high dissatisfaction. However, there are still some aspects that cannot be associated with the factors contributing the high dissatisfaction as postulated by the authors. First, the athletic administrators should voluntarily and willingly perform the duties.

Working willingly and passionately enables an individual to experience high level of satisfaction than working on a job that is assigned as the prevailing environment demands. The recommendation that the limitation of teaching assignments can address the high dissatisfaction level is not the best remedy. Working with professionals with much interest in athletic administration would be the best solution to the problem.

However, future research can be done to find out the level of satisfaction among athletic administrators working under the same environment with similar duties. In the future, a study can also be conducted to identify whether student-athlete and their teacher relationship might influence job satisfaction of the athletic administrators. Lastly, the relationship between teaching and coaching as well as the best combination to deliver the best results in athletic competitions can be studied.

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Otherwise, the study relates well to the topic of interest as it provides appropriate literature that would be useful in assessing the coaching satisfaction among high-school teachers. The literature also provides a baseline for developing proper objectives of the study.


Green, G., & Reese, S. (2006). Job Satisfaction among High School Athletic Administrators. Education, 127(2), 318-320.

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