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“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach

I perfectly realize the unique mission our newspaper accomplishes, the role it plays in the formation of peoples mentality, and the impact it has on their minds. For this reason, I am sure that only worthy artworks could be published by it. Thus, considering the unique goal and a specific target audience, I could recommend Bachs Jonathan Livingston Seagull to be published and provided to our well-educated readers. There are several reasons for this very choice.

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First of all, the given philosophic novel could be considered one of the most interesting and important modern age artworks. Richard Bach is a well-known master who introduces numerous layers to all his stories. This pattern contributes to the unique character and the appearance of a specific impact on readers. A person could notice only the idea he/she can understand at the moment. However, every new reading results in improved comprehension of the concepts put into the story and acquisition of new, deeper, and more complex ideas. For this reason, publishing Jonathan Livingston Seagull, we will guarantee an undying interest to the story as people will return to it, again and again, to find new meaningful symbols and discover new meanings.

Altogether, the story delves into the life of Jonathan Livingston, a seagull who is not satisfied with the daily routine and constant attempts to find food. He is sure that life should not be spent in this way, and there is something more important that should be discovered. Being able to fly, seagulls do not notice this unique gift considering it a part of their daily routine. However, Jonathan Livingston realizes that flight is a unique phenomenon that could be taken to self-improvement and self-cognition. Seized by this new bewildering feeling, he learns everything about flying, disregarding other activities peculiar to seagulls. The community considers him strange and expels Jonathan; however, he does not have any regards, enjoying a new feeling and mastering it until he meets two seagulls who take him to the next level of life, providing new opportunities self-improvement.

From the plot, we could see that the story has a great symbolic meaning, and it is one of its main strengths. A well-educated reader could easily draw a parallel between a seagull and a modern consumer society. People have numerous opportunities for their self-improvement and personal rise; however, they prefer to spend their lives in vain, enjoy idle pleasures, look for food, obtain incomes, and struggle for leading positions in society. From this perspective, the story provides a sharp satire and outlines the features peculiar to modern society. Individuals do not understand that life is a unique phenomenon that should not be taken as some obvious thing. Jonathan seeks to understand the nature of flight, its unique features, and enjoy it, using its deep comprehension. Bach shows readers that we should do the same. Only trying to cognize the world and our place here, we could enter another level of existence.

Furthermore, Jonathan confronts society consciously, choosing another way. It is more difficult, but he cannot go along with the community that does not have any values except food. He is an outcast; however, it is his own choice, and he enjoys it. Readers could find another symbol there. Any community does not like an individual who disregards its lifestyle and values appreciated at the moment. Livingston could be considered a generalized character for all who dare to confront society and follow their ideas and beliefs.

For this reason, it is very symbolic that he is an outcast. However, he does not suffer from it, enjoying new experiences and improving his understanding of flight. The author shows readers that they should not be afraid of loneliness or the crowds disapproval. If an individual cannot accept values appreciated at the moment, he/she should obey the voice of his/her heart and find a new way. It might be complex; however, the final results will be rewarding.

Finally, another aspect that proves the storys great importance and evidences the necessity of its publishing is Jonathans impact on society that used to consider him strange and expelled him. However, his unique image and attempts to cognize the nature of flight contribute to the increased attention given to him by all community members. When he returns, Jonathan becomes an idol followed by many seagulls who want to achieve the same results. This idea shows readers that their struggle will always be rewarded, and they will be appreciated by society if they achieve their goal.

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Altogether, Bachs Jonathan Livingston Seagull could be considered one of the most unusual and philosophic modern age stories. It makes people think and look at their lives from another perspective. For this reason, I believe it should be published by our newspaper and provided to our readers.

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