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Kenya Exercise Equipment Recommendations


In today’s competitive business world, businesses have to be at par with what is happening in the business field, for instance, in regard to the demand and supply levels in the market. This is because failure to move with modern developments and change of taste and preferences among the consumers will mean fall down of a business.

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This piece of work entails coming up with a research proposal that gives way to carrying out activities of Hamilton Health Inc in Kenya in regard to provision of exercise equipment for the consumers in the market with much emphasis being given to the feasibility of creating a position for the company in the country and providing accurate and timely information to support the strategic planning process.

Problem Statement

Introduction of a business venture or product in the market is usually a difficult task as it is faced with a lot of challenges, for instance, competition from other businesses that offer the same or similar products and services. Hamilton Health Inc. wants to bring into the Kenyan market exercise equipment and the key problem is whether the process could be successful. The business wants to grow and prosper in the market and effective strategies have to be established and implemented.

Kenya being a developing country provides a good market potential for new aspects that come up in various fields of the economy for instance economic, social, and political developments. Kenyan market is relatively young with high levels of demand for various products and services and Hamilton Health Inc can take advantage of the situation and take a strategic initiative by introducing the exercise equipment business.

Kenyan citizens, for example, shows interest in exercising as it is a practice that has been advocated by medical practitioners as being effective in maintaining good health and fitness due to the fact that the majority of the working people often find themselves very occupied with their work and not having time to do some exercises (Milele Fitness, n.d).

Research Objectives

Research objectives entail what the researcher intends to accomplish after carrying out his or her research. They encompass the aim of undertaking the particular research work. The major research objective of this study is to determine whether Hamilton Health Inc. should pursue the development of exercise equipment for the consumers in the Kenyan market.

This will be done through looking into aspects like the best approaches to be applied in order to make the process a success, the expected growth, the existing threats in the market among others. Another objective is to identify the current market size, growth potential, buying habits, distribution channels, and competition so as to lay down appropriate marketing strategies.

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Research Design

A research design is a structure that facilitates the research process by determining what is needed. It enhances the collection of accurate and relevant data hence ensuring that the information gathered allow the researcher to answer or solve the question or problem at hand without ambiguity. Research designs include; experiments, case studies, longitudinal design, and cross-sectional design.

Different methods of data collection are employed in the various research designs for instance questionnaires, interviews, observation, analysis of written documents and other unobtrusive methods. In this study, the researcher will utilize case study research design by looking at a company that deals with similar products and drawing some conclusions (Experiment Resources, 2008).

Data Collection Methods

There are various methods of data collection each with its advantages and disadvantages. They include use of questionnaires, observation, interviews, document analysis, and searching the internet. Use of questionnaires entails coming up with well structured questions and presenting them to relevant persons after which the findings are based on the answers given.

The questionnaires may be open ended or closed. Observation on the other hand entails actively participating in the particular phenomenon environment to come up with some findings. Interviews could either be structured or loosely structured and could be done on a face-to –face basis or via the telephone. They give first hand information and the researcher is able to gauge the honesty of the person providing the information.

Document analysis is also another essential source of data where the researcher reviews what has been said by others regarding the research topic. The internet has also become a resourceful source of current information on all aspect of life and can be used to gather information concerning various research topics. The researcher will make use of the internet and documented resources as the main sources of data (Goddard and Melville, 2004).

Data Analysis Plan

This is the manner in which the collected data is interpreted so as come up with a meaningful conclusion regarding the problem at hand. It is determined by the type of data. The data analysis strategies employed in the plan could either be exploratory, descriptive or inferential. Exploratory strategy is well suited when the program under discussion is new and therefore the researcher is not sure of the expected result of the study. It uses numerical and graphical methods of data presentation.

Descriptive analysis is the most commonly used strategy in research work and involves summarizing the findings attained and coming up with a conclusion. Inferential analysis strategy allows one to get a general conclusion based on a sample or case study. A combination of descriptive and inferential data analysis strategies in the data analysis plan is best suited for this study (Goddard and Melville, 2004).

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