Language Use for Assessing ESL for Students

How the language is used for assessing ESL for students

Understanding of English language has the capacity of going a long way in helping students improve their accent skills. The key to accepting the language is engraved in understanding which words are strained and which ones are not. In the world today, we have seen a rise in immigration all through the years. Nowadays, the assortment is something that is gradually becoming the social norm in our society. With this, a lot of people come from many diverse countries who do not converse English and hence the need to learn and practice it (Graves, 2000, 212-214).

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In our education systems today, teachers have been trying to implement the best ways to teach ESL students and help them obtain a second language. While many students are struggling with their foreign language classes such as Spanish, German or French, ESL students are being assimilated in traditions that they are not quite known with and required to speak the language. This experience is as scary as it is fearful for many ESL students and therefore it is the responsibility of educators to ensure that transition for such students is easier so that they do not get so much frustrated by it. In addition to this, it is important that players in the education industry ensure that these students have their education promoted by helping these students acquire subsequent languages as well as teaching them the relevant and necessary areas of their syllabuses (Graves, 2000, pp. 121-123).

Foreign students face another challenge coined in what is called Standards of knowledge (SOLs). Given that all the students are veterans on their abilities and have promising potential in the content areas, the question is, is there a need for these students to be tested? This is a complicated issue and gives their teachers impetus to encourage their students to do well so that they will have far above the ground test scores, and demands to get them to build up the language skills they need in a position to understand the language.

What are the conditionals of ESL?

There are some conditions that are encountered while carrying out ESL teachings which are usually called Conditions 0, 1, 2 and 3. The first condition is formed when the present simple clause is used and immediately followed by a comma in a statement indicating situations that are forever true if something happens. For condition 1 which is also referred to as ‘real condition’ in most cases given that most of its usage is for real and possible situations, it has its situations taking place in the event that there are pre-conditions met (Graves, 2000).

‘Unreal condition’ which is condition 2 is used for doubtful and unreal conditions where it presents an imaginary and virtual situation for any particular scenario presented. You can also place the effective clause first and this case is devoid of using a comma between the clauses. Conditional 3 which is also called the ‘past conditional’ is termed so because its main concern is for past conditions to come up with hypothetical results. Used to articulate a theoretical result to a past given situation. Its formation involves the utilization of a past ideal clause after which there is a comma followed by a past participle at the place of the result clause.

There is a challenge that teachers face as regards the conditional clauses and this is in the explanation of its structure and application in the curriculum. Conditional clauses are not well defined in their application as regards their usage when the predicate is not a past participle which is a challenge for teachers in using the program. This challenge has been addressed in the curriculum albeit in piecemeal by directing that the formation of conditional clauses for such difficult circumstances should be done by using past ideal clauses followed by a comma and then a result clause (Graves, 2000).

What if the curriculum falls short of its expectations?

Curriculums prepared in the English language can fall short of their prospect. Learning English overseas is a thrilling adventure, but from occasion to occasion the escapade can turn sour. As educators, standardized tests should not be pushed so immensely, but that is the way culture is going in this day and age. A very good example is the instance where one imagines being at a given place waiting for a passengers’ truck to pick them up and while at that, a man comes up asking what it is and you politely respond to him by thinking aloud that may have been kind of rude. You would generally expect that to have first of all excused himself first before asking what time it was and that would have been reckoned to him as being polite (Graves, 2000, pp. 203-204).

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Education is there to improve and enable cognitive understanding of subjects. In its place of allowing our ESL learners to grow, ask questions, enlarge on and become concerned in these train subjects, they are being besieged with school substance that they might not even understand that well.


Graves, K. (2000). Designing Language Courses. Boston: Cambridge University Press.

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