Life Development in the “Star Wars” Movie


Human beings go through different stages in life. It is worth noting the fact that each stage of life has got its various demands and expectations which are associated with it. Essentially, being able to master each stage gracefully and deal with the challenges of each stage enables a person to be able to move to the next stage. This is bearing in mind the gems that one acquires in each succeeding stage.

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As an individual, I have realized that life has got unique stages that need unique responses for one to be able to thrive. Essentially life is a series of choices, decisions, and deliberations. In the course of life, I have learned that the place where one grows up and the way one was born to contribute a great deal to the kind of person one is. It is on this basis that I have realized that life and development at large is a continuous process. This is because one stage of development in life sets the stage for the development of the later stages of life. Leading an active life ensures that one can enact one’s principles as an individual.

Essentially, the ability to progress in life depends on our capacity to focus on the issues which human beings face. For instance, on the subject of ethics, it is important to synchronize the prevailing universal conditions with the individual principles which govern your thinking. Through this, one can arrive at what culminates in the individual and common good. I believe that my life is a story. However, the nature of the story depends on my perspectives which I opt to take towards arriving at the kind of quality of life which I opt to take.

Movie: Star Wars

Star Wars is a classic medieval theme that is dressed up as an action-adventure. In this movie, David fights Goliath, where rebels battle against the Empire and throughout runs the Greek tragic theme of the son in conflict with the father and inner turmoil that is created on both sides. This movie also taps into the eastern philosophy of inner strength, the mind, and body as one.

This movie is about wars, conflict, and the battle between good and evil that’s fought not only on the battlefield but within our souls. In this movie, the moral themes which are communicated include the fact that mean people suck, it is good to be brave, mean people get yucky – looking, defend your friends, watch out for mean people playing tricks and telling lies, and don’t let nasty old mean guys goad you into losing your temper (Brin and Woodring). This implies that in as much as Star wars seem not to reflect the actual goings-on the planet earth, it is a reflection of the things that people go through in the course of life (Brin and Woodring).


In conclusion, life takes place in stages. Being in a position of knowing the themes that govern each stage is a great asset for everyone. Thus, everyone needs to appreciate the challenges of life and learn from every experience to be able to capitalize on the facts which have been already established. Since life is about taking and creating the changes which come along a person’s path.

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