Life Straw Project Analysis


Business is a way of making money and being successful, as poor people can become richer when they start making some business. But another aim of businesspeople is the help to those who live beyond the level of poverty. This kind of activity of people dealing with some business is called charity and lies in making money, food, clothes or other donations to the very people who are in need or to certain organizations the work of which is help to those poor people. The point of this very essay is to describe the possible help to those people who do not have free access to pure drinking water in the world. This is one of the most important problems of today’s world and the organization called Life Straw is among the establishments that take certain steps to find solutions to this issue.

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The issue of pure drinking water supply is burning because water is the most necessary thing for a human being. Nowadays over a billion people all over the world are deprived of the access to drinking water of safe quality. This amounts to 1/6 part of the whole population of the world and causes serious health care and environmental problems for the mankind. Diseases caused by the poor quality water killed more people for the last 10 years than all military conflicts that have ever taken place on Earth since the World War II. About five million children die each year from these diseases. Diarrheal bacteria from poor quality water cause various, very often fatal, diseases and are the leading cause of death among people with AIDS. In African and Asian countries people have to cover the distance of more than 5 kilometers and to carry the weight of 20 kilograms or more. All these terrible facts make Transnational Organizations start taking some steps to improve the state of things. For example, UN has developed a plan to increase the access to safe drinking water so that a half of those who do not have it now could have it by the year 2015.

The activity of the organization Life Straw is aimed at solving the here considered issue and, moreover, help in consideration of such points as environmental protection, children upbringing and education and many others. Life Straw is trying to solve the issue of safe drinking water shortage by producing special filters of the same name. Each Straw presents a plastic pipe consisting of 4 layers including textile filter, polyester filter, a number of iodine beads and finally the layer made of carbon. These pipes cost only $3 each and can serve up to thee years. Our group is planning to buy 200 Life Straws and send them free of charge to the people in need. By this we hope to improve living conditions of several hundreds of families in Asian and African countries. We believe that this charity step can protect those people from various waterborne diseases and improve the quality of their lives at least a bit, as they would have no problem of safe water and would deal with other issues of their hard lives.


To make a conclusion of this essay I would like to state again that help to the poor is an integral part of carrying out any kind of business. Charity not only improves the image of the company or person who administers it but helps sole numerous important problems of the mankind. The Life Straw Organization is trying to solve one of these issues – the problem of the limited access to safe drinking water. This establishment produces special water filters called Life Straws that allow people in the regions without the access ton safe drinking water to have the protection from various diseases caused by water of poor quality. Money donations to this organization are steps towards actual improvements in the complicated situation.

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