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Lifestyle in Market Segmentation


The article under consideration is called “construct “lifestyle” in market segmentation: the behavior of tourist consumers” is written by A.M Gonzalez and L. Bello. The article is dedicated to the problem of personification of the market strategies using innovated lifestyle concepts. These new streams in the market are precisely reflected in the sphere of tourist services. The researchers try to find the most effective ways to increase the profits and to the market work better.

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Main body

Consumer lifestyle

Nowadays, there is a constant need to find some of the variables that would positively influence the market potential. In the article under analysis, the authors disclose the lifestyle concept as the core principle of the market. Their strong belief is that economic and demographic aspects are in the past since the accent is presumably made on the heterogeneity of the market. The market segmentation also depends on the consumers’ behavior. The authors pay much attention to the tourist behavior possessing the considerable segment of the market. They advise to consider tourists’ needs and wants by granting them a wider range of services. Such strategy would allow to fit the customers’ requirements more efficiently and to segment the market more suitably.

Personal qualities

According to the article, due to an increased personalization of the market the successful result in business can be achieved if to draw attention to the personal characteristics of the customers. Personal qualities distinguish one human from another and, therefore, one group of customers from another. The researchers are assured that the individuals’ traits will help to identify the consumers’ behavior. That resulted in the tendency of buying certain product that reflects the personal characteristics of the buyer. Therefore, the authors of the article believe that tourism is the most sophisticated segment of the market since it should take the cultural aspects into consideration as well.

Despite the fact that the main principle of the market segmentation is mass consumption, it is still oriented on the unique need of each customer. Such strategy permits to define the specific needs of the customers and to direct the mass manufacture of the special products. Thus, the theory of the market segmentation contributes to the improvement of the tourism sector that is highly personalized.

Dimensions of lifestyle

The research depicted in the article is based on the study of one variable that is lifestyle. This aspect is regarded by means of three approaches: the activities method, the interest and opinion approach. Since lifestyle is connected with the way of living of families and individuals, it is better to view it from different dimensions. According to the activities, the interests and opinions the individual s are involved in, the market researchers may plan the market segmentation and figure out the main attributes of a certain segment (Cant, M.C., Strydom, J.M. Jooste, C.J., 2009 p. 84). All the components of the construct lifestyle are mutually interconnected that affects their motivations. Such point of view is rather logical and makes the paper especially valuable.


In conclusion, the article is of great value for those who tend to study the human aspects of the market strategy. Due to the increased personalization, the requirements have risen significantly. As a result, the necessity to look into the contrast “lifestyle” is crucial despite the fact that the concept is not new. The researchers emphasized the role of tourism business and the way to define the actual dimensions of lifestyle in order to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Reference List

Cant, M.C., Strydom, J.M. Jooste, C.J., 2009 Marketing Management, Juta and Company Limited, South Africa.

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Gonzแlez, A. M., & Bello, L. 2002 ‘The construct “lifestyle in market segmentation: The behavior of tourist consumers’, European Journal of Marketing, 36 (1/2), pp. 51–85.

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