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Lighting Design Role in the Play


Lighting design is a significant aspect that can contribute to viewers’ perceptions of the play. It involves both creative, collaborative, and technical processes and requires the engagement of the whole team. This paper presents a description of these processes and ­provides a detailed explanation of them. It also features the decisions I will take to ensure the excellent result of my work. The paper concludes that a lighting designer plays a significant role in the production.

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Creative Processes and Collaboration

As mentioned above, lighting design is associated with a creative process which involves all members of the team. It is vital to discuss the script with the director, the costume designer, and the scenic designer to exchange ideas on how the mood of the play can be conveyed through lighting. I will discuss the color palette with other members of my team to find the best option and select the suitable type of equipment. The students’ group will also contribute to the collaborative process as they may suggest innovative ideas and allow us to see the play from viewers’ perspectives.

Concept Statement and Process Description

The short play will present the dialogue between two girls about their romantic relationships, ending with an unexpected twist of the story. The lighting of the play will be designed based on its setting and differ depending on the location of the scene, such as the mall and the car. As the end of the final scene presents a critical moment, the role of lighting will be to attract viewers’ attention to the girls’ emotions.

The process of creating the scene will consist of several steps. As mentioned above, the first one will be reading the script with other members of the team and exchanging the ideas on the mood and feelings we want to convey through lighting. During this phase, we will not discuss the specific equipment I will use but the desired palette and each team member’s perspective. The second step will be the rehearsal, during which I will collaborate with the director to note the moments where actors should be isolated or a blackout is needed. After this information is gathered, I will produce a cue list outlining each point at which lighting should change. This stage of planning will be performed in collaboration with the group of students to gain a comprehensive perspective.

Then, the process of creating the scene will proceed to the lighting plan; the cue list will be used as a reference. The students will be asked to draw sketch plans with arrows to show where the light sources will be situated; the plans will be based on the sketches from the scenic designer. After the team sorts out and chooses the designs, I will create a lighting plot collaborating with the director. It will be necessary to consider how the lighting will move around the stages in each location of the play to ensure that the audience feels the mood that we want to convey. Finally, after all of the equipment is installed, the creation of the scene will conclude will the technical rehearsal, during which I will analyze and adjust cue positions with the help of students, as well as collect the director’s feedback on the work.

Decisions That Will Affect the Progress

My role as a lighting designer will be to enhance the quality of performance by creating mood and dimension, as well as achieving visibility. Lighting can change viewers’ perspectives on the scene and direct their attention (Folk and Hatfield 5). Thus, it is vital to consider all of the aspects that may positively affect viewers’ opinions of the play during the process of scene development.

The first significant decision in the process of working in the scene will be to choose the color palette and the mood of the play by envisioning the expected result. During the first stage of planning, I will talk to the director about her vision for the play.

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We will discuss the characters and their traits, as well as their stories to see whether it is possible to convey their concerns and moods through lighting. The decision about the general mood of the play will be the vital step that will help me to progress towards the scene. Moreover, in collaboration with the scenic and costume designers, the primary colors of the play will be chosen. It will be vital to select the palette based on the tones that will complement each other and create the necessary mood.

Another decision that will help me to progress towards the scene is to use the collaborative effort to improve the lighting design. By engaging my team into the process, I can ensure that we will develop a shared vision of the play and use our best ideas to guide the scene development. Working with the group of students will also be vital as they may offer a new perspective on how lighting and the color palette may affect viewers. Moreover, such an experience will crucial for students as they will be able to learn from it and incorporate the acquired knowledge into their future creative processes.


Working on a short play is a process that requires collaborative effort and exchange of ideas to find the best solutions. As a lighting designer, I will ensure that my work contributes to viewers’ perspectives on the scenes and the characters, as well as the play’s mood. To do so, I will consider the team’s opinions and combine them with my point of view to develop the lighting plan and sketches. As my role in production is significant, I will ensure that all of the possible limitations of my design are adjusted and eliminated.

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