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Magic of “A Peaceful Retreat” by Thomas Kinkade


A Peaceful Retreat is the name of an incredible painting by a notable artist, Thomas Kinkade. This man called himself a painter of light because every work of this man accents on the eminent light sources that are usually depicted as houses or heaven’s luminaries. A Peaceful Retreat is one of the most famous works by Thomas Kinkade that catches people’s sights from the first moment of the observation pleasure because it has some kind of magic in its composition and style that appeases any stress and makes the audience forget the vanities of the world for a minute.

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Description and Observation of the Picture

I had a chance to enjoy the painting of a Peaceful Retreat by Thomas Kinkade that depicts all the delights of country life and the valuable peace that people from metropolises seek day after day. This tawny house that sublimates on the top of a low hill makes the human heartbeat slower because it captures the audience’s attention with its magnificent appearance. To the right from the house, the artist painted some animals that describe the wildness of such life and show that they are close to the local inhabitants by their presence in the house yard. The background of this picture consists of the pineland with spruces that cover all the areas (A Peaceful Retreat). The stunning scenery of these rolling hills is so realistic that it is almost impossible to stop exploring new elements of this picture because this vast landscape seems to be endless.

The gigantic mountains that are placed almost in the middle of this artwork symbolize the enormous amount of work and the author’s imagination. The boat that is tied to a small wooden quay shows that someone who lives in this house goes down the river to fish occasionally. Its oars remain in the working position, and it is tied easily because it is constantly used. Otherwise, it would be hidden in the attic or tied harder to the quay to face a violent current that can emerge in this area. There is also a white chair that symbolizes a slow pace of life and astounding moments that can be experienced on this river bay. In my opinion, this house belongs to a man who might have lost his love or faced tremendous problems in his life in the city. Therefore, he decided to move away from the usual bustle and daily routine at his work. There is nothing better in the world than this place that might give people a valuable chance to enjoy the silence and the picturesque view of this dense forest, along with the mightiness of these snow-white mountains. The river is so calm that the lash of its waves on the rocks makes music that stays in one’s heart and associates with this fabulous place forever.

I like many works by Thomas Kinkade, but a Peaceful Retreat is my favorite because it makes me think about Earth’s nature that I do not happen to see very often. If I need a moment of relaxation, I will enjoy this picture and dream about living in this small, homelike house and not worrying about my responsibilities that surround me every day (Biography). In my opinion, this picture shows something that can be perfect for anyone, as deep inside people want to be closer to the wilds of our amazing planet.


A Peaceful Retreat might not be as popular as other paintings in the genre of impressionism, but it has its spirit that awakens the deepest emotions of the audience. This spectacular scenery makes people forget about their daily routine for a moment. The house that is depicted in the picture has its owner, but everyone who observes it wants to become a host of the tawny dwelling on the river bank.

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