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Marc Chagall Paintings


In this paper, I wish to discuss about Marc Chagall an artist of the 20th century; I find one of his art prints dubbed “Lovers in moonlight” very appealing to me since it reminds me of a wonderful event I once experienced during my childhood (, 2011).

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Art print-Lovers in moonlight
Art print-Lovers in moonlight.

Biography of Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is among the most prominent and successful artists of the 20th centrury and was born in Liozna city of the Russian empire in the year 1887 (, 2008). He was born and brought up in a humble background since his parent were ordinary people in the society, during his early life he lived with his parent in a multicultural society whire he was brought up as a Jew; this appears to have influenced his paintings in later life.

Chagall received his primary education at the Jewish religious school where he studied religion and hebrew dialect since he was a Jewish, at the time Jewish community were not allowed to study in the Russian schools (, 2008). At the age of 15 Chagall developed interest in art work after he saw a fellow student making some drawings, this was his turning point and he would later describe this experience as “like a vision, a revelation in black and white” (, 2008).

From that time he started practicing the art of drawing after he made a decision to become an artist. As a painter, Chagall decided to embrace his career by “cherishing his culture and publicly express his jewish roots” through incorporating them in his art work (, 2011). Later, Chagall moved to St. Petersburg an old capital city and an art centre of Russian, here Chagall enrolled in an art school where he acquired more skills and began painting different images such as landscapes (, 2011).

Marc Chagall’s inspiration, style and technique of art

One of the major influence of chagall’s art work was derived from his backgound and early life (, 2011). As a jewish, he lived in a community which practiced agriculture, made their own tools and furnitures; this motivated his value for art. Chagall’s style of art was also derived from his early childhood as most of his paintings were landscape and images such as woodehouses which was a reflection of where he grew up (Tars.rollins, 2005). It is also believed that some of his work was a reflection of the obsessive scenes he had experienced when he was a child that he discharged by having them drawn (Tars.rollins, 2005).

Chagall’s style and technique of art was largely based on the color; to him color was a major aspect in determining the end product (Tars.rollins, 2005). In fact, Chagall believed that with the use of color one could express anything he wished since according to him “colors are a living, intergral part of the picture and are never passive” (Tars.rollins, 2005). His techniques was based on colors because he also believed that color expresses tone, eliminates fancy and creates a notion of reality (Tars.rollins, 2005).


The art print “ lovers in moonlight” potrays the theme of love (, 2011). This particular art work has a woman and a man embracing each other in the moonlight which makes them feel more attached to each other (, 2011). The art is appealing to me since it reminds me about an old picture of my grandparents which I took at night which was my first experince with a camera ever. To me, this art is a reflection of real art.

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