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Mask Mandate – Abbott’s Announcement

Greg Abbott’s announcement about the mask mandate and business to total capacity exploded Twitter creating a great wave of adverse reactions. The regulation introduced by the governor on March 10 included notions on how important mask-wearing, vaccination, and business traffic control are to return to ordinary life (Morris, 2021). Lately, the Texas court supported the resistance of local leaders against Abbott’s ban and mask mandate. According to Hassan (2021), new rulings covered regulations associated with schools and emergencies. Talking about masks, temporary face covering is required for some period. Nevertheless, things seem to change for local businesses and their operation barely.

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Since Abbott’s announcement, the number of clients in coffeeshop should not exceed 50 percent of total capacity; our total revenue reduced approximately two times. Generally, small businesses such as café, shops, family restaurants, and coffee shops experienced significant expenses. Abbott highlighted that “we are ensuring that all businesses and families in Texas have the freedom to determine their own destiny” (Morris, 2021, para. 4).

However, it does not seem very easy to adapt and adjust the conception of our coffeeshop designed as a unique coworking and gathering space for family and friends. Masks, gloves, and other safety measures do not pose any significant discomfort for employees and customers; most of the population understands the importance of protection from coronavirus. The main issue related to this policy is associated with an adverse effect on the business and its productivity. Moreover, people cannot wear masks while eating; therefore, some customers have coffee to go. It does not affect the process considerably; however, waiters and baristas lose their additional tips. Generally, a conception of our shop suffers the most due to the low allowed full-in capacity.


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