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Maximal Punishment for Sexual Criminals


Everyone should remember that they are responsible for their actions and doings. That is why people should learn how to be stricter with the persons who are not adequate in society. Among the crimes that can be committed by people, sexual crime is one of the cruelest and humiliating for the person. This crime can affect not only the physical state of a person but their moral, psychological and emotional state. Very often it is even impossible for the victim to get back to ordinary life even after a long time after the crime. That is why the question about the sentence for people who have committed a sexual crime is a current issue. Sexual criminals should get maximum to satisfy society, though in the majority of cases it is impossible. Who knows what is the maximum punishment for the person who has spoiled the life of another? Very often people think that the best way is capital punishment and of course there are different opinions about this. Humanists and religious people say that we do not have the right to stop the life of somebody, another part of people is sure that only the death of such crimes can satisfy. And some people also think that it is a very easy punishment – to die ad there should be something more. What is really fair and where is the truth? What should be taken into account while sentencing?

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Sexual rape and women

There is a myth that men are pushing women to have sex because they cannot control themselves. However, anthropological studies show that rape is not a universal phenomenon. In different societies there are different levels of rape of women, moreover, are known human societies, in which there is no rape. Some factors are associated with high levels of rape: the romanticizing of violence, attitudes toward women as sexual objects, promoting the hard and aggressive behavior among men, the prevalence of wars.

The fact that there are high levels of rape in some societies, but low or absent in others, means that sexual violence is a kind of behavior that is encouraged or inhibited depending on the values of the society. In particular, the level of rape is closely linked with notions of masculinity and femininity, as well as inequality between men and women.

The vast majority of men who commit rape are quite respectable, “normal” men who are not suffering from mental illness. These men also suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, and they have access to voluntary sex – 75% of rapists are married or have been in a relationship when committed a sexual crime. As demonstrated by a study which was conducted by Nicholas Groth, the main difference between the rapists is their attitude towards women. Rapists believe that they have the “right” to do with women whatever they want. (Groth, 1980, p54)

Most of the rapists interviewed by Groth reported that as a result of rape, they had very little or no sexual pleasure. When the rapists say about the pleasure they get from rape, it is the pleasure of aggression and a sense of power over the victim, their actions and life. There are three types of rapists: powerful rapists, aggressive rapists, sadistic rapists. Nevertheless, the type of sexual crimes should not influence the sentence. And the criminal should get max in order give their victim time for recovering. (Groth, 1980, p60)

Speaking about victims it should be mentioned that unfortunately, this is quite a typical situation: a girl who survived the violence blames herself and is embarrassed to tell anyone about what had happened. She does not seek help, faces the problem alone, hoping that time is the best doctor. But such trauma cannot pass without a trace. And if time does not pass the course of psychological rehabilitation, the pain and hurt can go into the subconscious and begin to manage their entire lives, relationships with men. (Sanday, 1981)

The consequences can be the most unexpected. Someone develops an inferiority complex, while others blame themselves for all sorts of evils. Some try to stifle the pain with alcohol. Many hurries to get married as soon as possible, hoping thereby to get rid of painful memories. But in marriage, there can be problems. After the rape, the victim can break the basic trust in the world, develop a neurosis, and as a result of it – fear of intimacy. In addition, there can be the fact that the criminal is already free and lives their life. This is frightening for the victim.

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Usually for the criminal rape is a way to cope with feelings of inferiority, and demonstrate the power, control, approval of their own male identity. Rapists of this type may say that the perpetrators of violence are simply for the sake of sexual pleasure. However, if to analyze the behavior of the perpetrator, it turns out that the opinion of the women initially did not have any significance for him. His goal was to seize, conquer, and establish full control over his victim. Typically, these men could have voluntary sex, but this was not the sex they want. (Konradi, 2007, p102)

Powerful rapists often deny the fact of forced sex. For such a rapist it is very important to believe that the victim “wanted it” and enjoyed the rape. Such a rapist can commit rape, and then invite a woman to have dinner together or say that would like to meet. This behavior reflects the imagination of the perpetrator of sexual “conquest” of women, in this fantasy it through violence is a reciprocal desire for the victim.

An imperious rapist in principle cannot accept the fact that the woman does not feel attracted to him after the rape. If she gives him a statement to the police, he can explain this by saying that she wants to protect his reputation or his jealousy. Is not it an illness? Should we punish people who are ill? That is the most difficult question.

Sexual Rape and children

U.S. Supreme Court overturned capital punishment for the rape of children.

By decision of the American court, the death penalty for rape of children is contrary to the constitutional ban on excessively cruel punishment.

The death penalty is not an acceptable punishment for the rape of children some people consider, while the others voted against this decision.

In the United States over the past 44 years, there were no death sentences for crimes that are not accompanied by the death of the victim. Not so long ago a resident of Louisiana was sentenced to death for the rape of his stepdaughter, but the sentence was never carried out.

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Earlier, 45 U.S. states prohibit the death penalty for any rape, in five other death sentences had been taken to enforce in the case of rape of children.

In 1977, the Supreme Court overturned the death penalty for rape, if the victim is a woman.

So, what to do with children whose life would change the colors after raping?

For rapists harm to the victim is pleasure, as well as their pain, fear, suffering, and helplessness. These rapes often involve binding and torture, often they occur perverted and ritualized manner. Most injuries are intentionally inflicted by the genitals of the victim. The resistance of the victim and the infliction of pain for such a rapist are linked with erotic feelings. Hatred and control over another person are of an erotic nature, and he enjoys humiliating, in rare cases, killing the victim. His motive is the punishment and the complete destruction of another person, and sex is a weapon for its implementation. (Paludi, 1999, p168)

It is often assumed that rapists of children are mentally ill, frankly. Nevertheless, most of these men are able to lead a normal life and hide their desires from others. Moreover, these rapists are often quite charismatic personalities – they can cultivate this quality, to easily win the trust of victims.


To my mind, everyone should be responsible for the things they do. People who commit terrible crimes should get terrible punishment and they should suffer as their victims. Of course, one can say that we do not have any right to be cruel. The world is cruel enough and we should not make it crueler. But there is a question – why do people who commit crimes do not think about this before their actions? Their actions change the lives of children, women. Do they believe they are Gods and can rule lives?

Every society should protect its citizens. If society cannot protect people before they are abused it can do it after this. I mean that we should help the victims with rehabilitation. And of course, people who have suffered from sexual crimes should have all conditions to forget about these terrible things. And the first condition is not to meet the criminal on the street. That is why sexual criminals should get the maximum punishment for their actions.

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