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Meaningful Life and Sports


First of all, it is necessary to mention, that sports have been deeply interwoven with our lives. Everyone has an opportunity to either going in for sports themselves or following the sports matches and competitions by means of the media.

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Currently, we have the freedom to sit back and have spare time and watch a game on television. But in the past, sports was much more solemn – a training for war or some other matters.

If we regard sports from a central point of view and regard their relation to the life of the ancient people we must unavoidably come to the summary that sports if well conducted have always increased the standard of the nation to a very high stage.

Meaningful life and sports

Nations that have acted a significant role in Ancient History have all sensed the inevitability of sports and have initiated these athletic challenges in their spheres. The fact that athletics, a kind of sport, is of great benefit to life is obvious to the experienced student of contemporary universities. The argument which instituted its significance is resisted by unaware people yet it has increased nowadays into an indisputable fact. Athletics are essential if not crucial for the future success of the nation as well as of the personality. “A sound mind in a sound body” was the motto of all the nations and especially it was the standard of the strong, healthy, and forceful Spartans.

Their execution of this plan was a reason for the long existence of Greece and its abundant literary culture. This model is just the same way should be put into a function if people wish to have any achievement in this world.

Athletics refresh the body, anesthetize and enlighten the mind, and empower moral character. As a tangible instance let us take a student during his college life. The student who does exercise is forever fresh and energetic, he seldom gets sick and tired. His cheerful character, his good temperament, and his interest in life are his main features.

Furthermore in exercising, the student gets conscious, his blood is purified and therefore his mind turns to be more appropriate to get the ideas and thoughts found in his lessons. The health which he obtains will help him to work harder and he turns to be more successful. A weak person infrequently can bear the adversity of life, the trouble of memorizing and persevering in daily lessons. Consequently when a scholar is busy with sports during recess time his ideas do not diverge anymore to the path of contamination, to think of such insignificant things and the wellbeing and power which he obtains will assist him in conquering such enticements. Generally, a healthy person is awarded a will more powerful than that of a weak human

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Thus, it is regarded, that the meaning of sports in our lives is rather high. The example of a student is quite abstract, it may be applied to anyone.

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