Measurement System’s Repeatability and Reproducibility

The significance of reproducibility and repeatability of a measurement system can hardly be overrated; serving as the means to comply with the same quality According to a recent study, the promotion of repeatability in the setting of an organization, particularly, as far as its production process is concerned, helps maintain the latter in the manner that will allow for obtaining a consistently positive result (Pyzdek 2014). The enhancement of reproducibility, in its turn, creates the environment, in which the employee involved in the process is capable of delivering the same positive result throughout the entire production process (David, 2013).

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When it comes to the design of an adequate measurement system, the promotion of repeatability and reproducibility becomes essential to retaining the same high-quality standards and meeting the customers’ demands. By collecting the data on the variables affecting the process of measurement, one will be capable of designing an impeccable quality measurement process. As far as the processes of the Company X are concerned, the use of the tools such as regular tests of the firm’s databases and its information security rates needs to be viewed as an essential addition to the current measurement process (Marthinsen, 2015).

Seeing that the process of information management has been in desperate need for improvement in the context of the entrepreneurship’s supply chain, it must be updated with the help of the latest technological innovations and the subsequent introduction of the staff members to the basic principles of data management and information security. The training process aimed at helping the participants develop the required information management skills will allow for a rapid improvement of the firm’s quality standards as it will enhance the information security. As a result, both the data belonging to the company and the one concerning the firm’s customers will not be used against Company X.

Seeing that the above set of measures is aimed primarily at improving the staff’s ability to use the data available, it can be deemed as the reinforcement of the organization’s reproducibility rates. In other words, the staff members will be able to carry out the actions related to information processing, retrieval, and further transfer consciously. The repeatability of the measurement system, in its turn, can be enhanced by updating the equipment and software used by Company X. the upgrade in the technology is likely to affect the firms measurement processes positively, reducing the possibility of an error. The above data will be collected by the supply chain managers and the IT personnel.

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