Messengers’ Influences on Communications

Innovative technologies have entered the life of people with fast path. Starting with mobile phones many people use the Internet for communication with the highest frequency. Several years ago people could not imagine that they would have such free access to communication as they have now. Technology is making communication easier in today’s world and this fact has a lot of supportive arguments, however, it operates at the expense of personal contact as many people choose to interact from home in front of a computer screen rather than to take choose communication. Therefore, what are the reasons of the spread of technology in communication? Why do people choose it for speaking with people in expense of eye to eye communication? Is the technology development an advantage of a disadvantage on this meaning? All these questing are going to be answered in this paper.

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One of the main reasons of spread of technology for communication is its cheap price. Speaking over telephone with relatives who live abroad may be expensive, but using such software as Skype, people may interact every day without spending money. Such opportunities are really useful for business partners who do not need to fly to another country to settle some problematic issues (Samudhram 22). Web cameras allow people to see the opponent which is much better than telephone communication when people can just see each other. The mobile phones with the access to the Internet have also made people closer to each other in digital meaning (Murray S15).

Using messages people could communicate just with each other, but the Internet in the mobile phones allows people to enter social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Just Ask and to leave comments there making the communication a group one (Robb 61). Such way of communication has become popular among people. Sharing their knowledge and news, people leave comments reflecting on the news of other people. Posts, reposts, comments and other similar ways of communication have become possible with the technology development. Therefore, it may be said that innovative technologies make human communication on distance better and faster.

However, technology also prevents successful communication as many people prefer to stay in front of a computer rather than to go for a walk and enjoy eye to eye communication. People become lazy with the development of the technologies which is a negative aspect. Moreover, online communication hides people, therefore, they can present themselves as they want to. As a result, people are unable to be themselves while eye to eye communication and they prefer to stay unknown, in front of a screen. Another negative affect is the absence of rest. In spite of having a rest, people usually sit in from of their computers and read some news, comment on them, chart with friends. It is not a rest as there is much information online which is not noticed by a person, but human brain still perceives it even though does not remember. Therefore, people do not have rest, communication brings more harm and people do not have time on face to face communication which is important for human socializations (Melody).

Thus, it should be concluded that innovative technologies affect human being both positively and negatively. Having opened many ways in communication with people in other countries without leaving homes, technologies have also made people stay at home in front of the computer screen rather than to enjoy face to face communication.

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