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Millennials and the Business World

The rapid development of modern technologies has utterly transformed the corporate world and traditional business practices. Although it would be reasonable to admit that the generation accustomed to these novelties should be better suited for the new operations, it often turns out differently. Many experts indicate the critical problems faced by Millennials entering the business world. Although certain aspects are somewhat debatable, I agree that the overall issue requires significant consideration.

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The primary problems faced by the younger generation are related to the lack of patience and the ability to work hard for future achievements. Simon Sinek correctly identifies today’s world as the one with “instant gratification” (Crossman, 2016, 00:07:20-00:07:35). Even at school, I can see numerous examples when students prefer obtaining homework answers from others without understanding the questions and expanding their knowledge. The same happens with personal interactions when people pursue short-term goals instead of building long-lasting relations. Moreover, the rising popularity of social media adds to the problem. As Sinek notes that social media users are taught to “put filters on things,” replacing their actual life with the desired image (Crossman, 2016, 00:02:30-00:02:40). However, this approach is not suitable for the business world, where tangible results and professionalism are required. Finally, addiction to cellphones is a real issue preventing many Millennials from interacting or working properly. Unfortunately, it has become standard practice for many of my friends to check their devices and communicate on social networks, even during our parties. Therefore, the increasing level of distraction and inability to pursue long-term goals prevent Millennials from succeeding at their jobs.

Although the problems mentioned above are serious, certain aspects noted in the video remain doubtful. To begin with, I cannot fully agree with the idea that Millennials have a lack of upbringing. Indeed, in some cases, children do not receive sufficient attention or grow up entitled. However, this depends on the family, and my parents are an example of the opposite. Moreover, the influence of corporate culture on individuals is debatable. Companies’ intent to gain profits and avoid thinking much about employees’ future is not a new factor. The individuals’ task is to demonstrate the benefits they bring and persuade the employer to invest in them. Finally, Millennials are still best suited to work in a fully computerized environment. Therefore, adapting to the business world rigors is a genuinely complicated but achievable goal for the new generation.


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