Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” and the American Dream

The play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller is a prominent and well-known work with vivid and deep characters, and each of them had one’s own story.

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  • Willy Loman aspired to the American Dream and wanted to have the support of his loved ones. As a result, he received children’s hostility, the deterioration of affairs, and death from hopelessness.
  • Linda Loman wanted her husband to succeed and her sons to accept their father. However, she was often ignored by her husband and, in the end, was left alone, receiving nothing of what she dreamed.
  • Biff Loman, the elder son, wanted to become a farmer against his father’s wishes so that his parents could be proud of him. In the end, he lost his father and was disappointed in his dream.
  • Happy Loman who was constantly in the shadow of his elder brother wanted to get support from loved ones and obtain a decent job. However, he never received the recognition of his parents and did not become a worthy son, whom he loved. This is the list of the main characters of Miller’s play.
  • Charlie wanted to help Willy because he was his neighbor, but, in the end, he received only envy.
  • Bernard who was the son of Charlie wanted to be approved by Biff, but he himself was successful and was able to prove his superiority.
  • Ben, Willy’s brother, wanted to increase his fortune and aspired to the American Dream, but he died.
  • The Woman wanted romantic relationships with Willy, but he stayed with his wife after his betrayal.
  • Mr. Wagner wanted to prove Willy his authority and gained the wealth he was proud of and valued.
  • Miss Forsythe was Happy’s girlfriend, and she wanted to be with a successful young man, but he tricked her into pretending to be rich.

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