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Minority Background Assisting Nurse Practitioners

There are many reasons why people are eager to make grants in education and enjoy the benefits they can get. It is also not easy to define one particular explanation of why a person wants to be a nurse. A number of qualities, knowledge, and abilities are necessary to become a good nurse, and not all people are ready to demonstrate their best skills to prove their appropriateness for this particular profession. Nursing is the sphere of life that is usually poorly judged as not many people realize how crucial the role of nurses in healthcare is. Nurses are everywhere, but they as well as their functions remain to be invisible at a first glance. Several years ago, I concluded what I wanted to be and why I deserved a chance to improve my knowledge in nursing and be a part of this amazing world of medicine. My five-year-old practice in ICU, the educating process as an acute registered nurse, and even the primary challenges because of my minority background helped me to understand that nursing is all about challenges, both mental and physical.

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I know that nursing, especially immigrant nursing, requires much work and effort. In addition to everyday professional challenges, it is necessary to face certain misunderstandings because of my racial difference. The point is that not all patients are ready to accept the services of immigrants as they think this group of people is not good at providing services on a higher level. This is one of the first reasons why immigrant nurses are in need of proper education. Another important aspect of a grant application program is based on finance. Not all immigrants are able to buy their apartments and have enough money for living. However, financial challenges should not the reason to quit a dream of being a nurse. A grant for an immigrant nurse student is not only a result of what the world does. It is a helpful device to become an appropriate member of the society an immigrant has to live in. This is why a chance to be a part of a grant program is doubly appreciated by an immigrant nurse.

In fact, my minority background assists me as a nurse practitioner in a number of ways. First, as an immigrant from Cuba, I realize how ethical and racial differences may define the level of the communication process as well as any other relations between people. Cuba is a home for a number of people with various cultural and ethical backgrounds. My past experience serves as the best lesson I have ever gotten: it does not matter where a person comes from, medicine should never be prejudiced, and healthcare services, as well as treatment, have to be equal for all people. Second, as a minority representative, I face and will be facing certain challenges in communication with people; therefore, I need to have enough information on how to overcome all of them using my skills and knowledge about different cultures. It proves that I know what I want and how I am able to find a practical application of my theoretical knowledge. Finally, I know exactly that nursing is not only about practice and knowledge. This sphere of life requires such qualities as being attentive, ready to make unexpected decisions, able not to lose control, and providing patients with appropriate services and treatment and doctors with a required portion of assistance. I will never get tired of education and a chance to improve my knowledge to prove that nursing is one of those crucial steps that make a person-helpful for a society.

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