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Modifications of the Nomi Move

The recent concerns of people about a healthy lifestyle have significantly influenced their physical activity and fitness needs. Nevertheless, the reconciliation of work and exercising in the present-day world remains a challenging task. Given this, the tendency of various facilities to develop programs that everyone can join for free seems to be an excellent idea in terms of combatting obesity. It is especially important since the latest studies proved that regular physical activity has a positive impact on the health status of obese people even when they do not lose much weight (Petridou et al., 2019). Hence, the programs of fitness facilities efficiently address these issues.

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An initiative such as the Nomi move presented by Nomi Pilates studio is an excellent example of the programs intended to increase the overall health of the population in the area. The selection of yoga and pilates classes is especially beneficial for citizens. For example, yoga is the best among known approaches allowing to lose weight without traditional diets and other similar methods (Rioux & Howerter, 2019). Moreover, it is perceived as a low-cost alternative to demanding approaches focused on specific limitations in food and other habits (Rioux & Howerter, 2019). In this way, yoga is a way to lose weight and stay healthy without suffering.

However, the programs presented by Nomi Pilates studio do not efficiently address all people’s needs. While providing the required services to the population, they do not offer such options for inhabitants of various districts. The change in their location to cover a larger area will be better for busy people who have no time to get to the place where the classes are held from the office. Therefore, such modifications will contribute to a better outcome of this program.


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