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“Monstress” a Comics by Marjorie Liu

Monstress is a popular series of graphic novels by Liu (the author) and Takeda (the artist), published by Image Comics. Dealing with feminism and racism, the story is based on childhood experiences and family history. Thus a fantastic world, cruel to the main heroine Maika, is created.

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According to McMillan, the author aimed to write about “girls and giant monsters, and the supernatural” (3). While the artist Sana Takeda saw her role in creating perfect surroundings for the story. The united effort of two creative minds has built an imaginary world which provides illustrative material for raising and discussing vital issues of the real world.

The context of Monstress is an imaginary matriarchal society in which women are the central focus, especially women of color. Being mixed-race herself, Marjorie always felt that being judged by appearance and nationality was acutely unfair (Cruz; McMillan). Another life experience contributing to the plot is spending a lot of time with her Chinese grandparents who survived the World War II. They were constantly talking about the war. It was her grandmother who inspired Marjorie to create Maika.

The setting of Monstress is a matriarchal society all the main characters are female. The issues of feminism sound differently in this new environment. Marjorie argues that it is crucial that the girls of color see examples of representations of themselves that are powerful women capable of surviving in any real or imaginary world (Cruz; McMillan). The unusual context of “Monstress” makes the idea of never giving up sound more persuasive.

Monstress is a successful series that provides an opportunity to raise and investigate grave social issues, that people often avoid discussing. The series is based on a tremendous amount of background information. That is why the readers may find themselves in the main heroine.

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