Morality Play: Everyman

This paper discus Everyman, a morality play performed during the medieval ages. The morality plays are also known as allegory essays and focuses on the behavior of man in earth and life after death. In this play, the main character is Everyman who has been used symbolically to represent the human race in search to his soul. The main question is the role of man to save his soul. Therefore, in the drama, the chief protagonist had to take a step to repent and save his soul from sins.

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The ‘Medieval Drama, by Price

In this article, Price argues that Everyman is one of the best artistic works in the morality plays.


In this article, Price provides a good review of the drama. The author has provided a good description of the characters and describes the characterization of the characters. The author argues that besides the main character, other characters have been personified to enable the readers understand the role they play in the drama.


In this article, the author brings out the ironic perspective of the drama since the audience is made to understand that even during the medieval ages, man was materialistic in his deeds. In addition, the author explains the plot and the settings of the drama.


The review provided by Price is very informative since it enlightens the audience. In addition, in this review, the author elaborates how Everyman realizes that the earthly pursuits are meaningless, particularly in the life after death. In addition, through her analysis of the main characters role in the drama, the audience is informed that the good deeds that a man does in life are just physical attributes; hence, man must understand that there is need to have a companion to stand before God in order to be saved.

‘Everyman as a medieval morality play and an allegory’ by WriteWork contributors


This is a very important review of the drama. The review is organized in manner which allows the audience to understand the setting and the plot of the story. The contributors argue that the play ‘Everyman’ demonstrates the reckoning and judgment of everyman’s sinful character.


This article adds more insight to the theme of the drama. This is important since it enables the audience to understand that God sent death to Everyman as he takes the responsibility of a journey to save his soul. In addition, in this article, the contributors elaborate on the plot of the drama. According to this review, the plot of Everyman follows the steps taken by main character that truly deserved to obtain salvation, as a result of his dramatic change.

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This is a very informative review. The authors state that there is an assumption that Everyman is to be judged at the end of their life on earth, as indicated in the story line.

Everyman: A morality play from the Middle Ages’ by Fischer


This review of the drama ‘Everyman’ is well organized. The author explains the fate of the main character during his life on earth. In addition, the author explains the stylistic devices used in generating the plot of the drama.


Sarah Fischer argues that in the drama, Everyman finds death as the other character; God provides a warning of living without trepidation in the worldly desires. This article is very informative, since it enables the audience to understand that in the current society man has to depend on the material needs.


This review allows the audience to view the drama and compare it with reality. The author claims that, in the drama, everyman realize that he has not lived in the godly way and will eventually die knowing it. Therefore, the audience is able to understand t the thoughts of human life and how it is lived. In addition, Fischer explains that the end of human life usually occurs at death, a time when worldly prosperity matters least.

In conclusion, the three reviews of the drama indicates that there are two levels of the story which includes the physical journey of the main character in search of a companion and the ultimate death, and the physical journey of a young man who is able to stand and confess before God to save his soul.

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