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Multivitamins and Getting Good Grades in School


An analysis of the findings is a standard procedure after one conducted a research study. This allows seeing if the data they collected during the experiment supports the initial hypothesis, for example, by measuring positive correlation. However, this method does not show if one phenomenon is caused by the other. This essay aims to discuss a positive correlation and the meaning of having a relationship between taking multivitamins and having good grades.

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Typically, researchers want to establish if there is a connection or relationship between two different events. For example, an experiment’s objective may be to develop if taking penicillin affects the growth of harmful microorganisms, and the researchers can administer the penicillin and observe its effects of it. The anticipated impact is that penicillin will either stop the growth of harmful microorganisms or will have no impact on the matter. If one assumes that there is a connection between the two phenomena, meaning that one affects the other, then there is a correlation between the two. Correlation does not mean that both variables affect one another, instead, it shows that they change equally, either positively or negatively.

A positive correlation is a connection between two variables in a study. Variables are two different events that a researcher aims to examine. For example, if a published study claims that there is a positive correlation between taking multivitamins and having good grades, this means that the two variables are the number of multivitamins one takes and their grades. With a positive correlation, both variables should change in a similar manner. For instance, if one decreases, the other one follows, or if one increases, the other one does the same. Hence, in the examined research, there is a positive relationship because both elements increase.

The implication of a positive correlation in the experiment in question is that when a student does not take a multivitamin, their grades are no, which is a low supplement and low grades relationship. In addition, when examining another student who takes multivitamins, a researcher may find that their grades are high, which is a high multivitamin high grades relationship. An important thing to note about positive correlation is that it does not always help one understand the cause and effect. Hence, an experiment may show that there is a correlation between two variables, but it is possible that there are other factors that impact the variables’ relationship.

A positive correlation between someone taking multivitamins and having good grades can be explained in three ways. The first underlying relationship between the variables is that students who take multivitamins are more responsible when compared to those who do not take any supplements. They care about their health, and possibly about their academic success because they are responsible. Hence the multivitamin does not impact their grades directly, they would be successful without these medications as well. Instead, both variables are affected by the innate sense of responsibility that the participants have. A second option for explaining the underlying relationship between these variables is that multivitamins have an impact on the way the students study. For instance, it may affect their concentration, allowing them to focus on reading a textbook for more extended periods of time when compared to students not taking the vitamins. In this case, there is a cause-and-effect relationship between vitamins and grades.

Finally, another explanation for why vitamins and good grades are connected is the students who take vitamins take good care of their health. This means that they also get enough sleep and eat healthy foods, which provides them with the energy they need to concentrate on their studies. Here, the positive correlation is explained with the student’s dedication to maintaining good health, which has an additional benefit — more energy to study. The three options discussed above show that although there is a positive correlation between taking multivitamins and grades, there are several ways of explaining this connection.


Overall, this essay explores the meaning of a positive correlation in research. Additionally, this statistical method is explained using a correlation between multivitamins and good grades. Although there is a positive correlation between the two variables, it is unclear if one impacts the other. Moreover, this essay presents three underlying assumptions about the relationship between the three variables, which would have to be explored by the researchers.

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