National Organization for Women

The interest group that I have chosen is called the National Organization for Women. As it is clear from the name of the group, it tries to unite people in order to struggle for equal rights for women and demonstrate that unfair treatment and violation of women’s rights still present an important problem in human society. This organization has its website where all the necessary information about its goals and initiatives supported by its members is presented (“National action program,” 2017).

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As for the important facts that can help us to understand the primary functions and beliefs of representatives of this particular interest group, it can be stated that they promote freedom of choice for women when it comes to romantic relationships. Apart from that, the members of this group suppose that reproductive coercion remains one of the most important problems that affect even those women living in developed countries such as the United States. What is more, it focuses the attention on various problems related to violence; they include domestic violence against women, hate crimes, and sexual abuse.

Speaking about the particular policy actions that the discussed group supposes to be essential, it is necessary to pay attention to a lot of opportunities and projects aimed at protecting women from physical violence, such as upgrading a punishment for domestic abuse. Besides, the representatives of the group also deal with the subject of reproductive choice and suppose that it is necessary to reduce the influence of the groups that try to ban abortions and vilify those who want to terminate a pregnancy due to different reasons. Therefore, there is a wide range of changes that this interest group would like to implement.

As it is clear from the particular values that representatives of this group promote, they are likely to support authoritative people from the Democratic Party of the United States as the latter is supposed to protect the rights of sexual minorities and implement certain measures that may bring positive results to women.

The current piece of legislation related to the goals of the chosen interest group that I would like to discuss is S.510 – Women’s Health Protection Act of 2017. The key sponsor of this legislation is Richard Blumenthal, who is a representative of the Democratic Party of the United States. Besides, there are forty co-sponsors related to this initiative; almost all of them belong to this party as well. The legislation has been introduced in Senate about a month ago. As for my personal opinion on this initiative, I suppose it to be very important as it is aimed at protecting women’s rights to make reproductive decisions on their own. Personally, I suppose that it should pass because limitations related to abortion services violate women’s rights; nevertheless, I suppose that it may aggravate tension and cause civil unrest.


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